Tuesday, September 18, 2012

St. Lucia - part IV

We had planned 2 excursions during our week and figured we'd space them out a bit with beach/pool days.  That means today is another resort day!  I'll let the photos do most of the talking. 


We started out with our 3-mimosa breakfast cliffside then hit up the pool.  It is super hot so we pretty much spent the morning in the water on floats. 

We hit up the good ole' pizza place again.  Except this time I changed it up with some sort of BBQ hot dog.  It was gross.  Should have stuck with the pizza!

We had had a pretty lazy morning, so after lunch we decided to get a kayak and go out for a little while in that.  We did the ziploc baggie camera thing again and fortunately there was no falling out of the kayak.

We didn't stay out long, but we just took a quick little ride across the bay where our resort was located and then went back. 

Of course we had to do our foot print pictures on the beach.  (We did our first one of these in Hawaii in 2009 and it is now prominently hung in our house)

After all our kayaking and taking footprint pictures we were kinda exhausted.  Vacation can do that to you, you know.  (on a serious note, these sand pictures took no less than 127 tries - its all very technical.  seriously.  and now that i look at this one, i realize the cropping is all janky so I'll have to fix it again)  So, we spent the afternoon at the pool.

We did manage to get the coveted sunset picture this evening!  (6:15 is the magic time.  this one was taken at 6:20 and by 6:25 you are just plain SOL) Probably my favorite photo from our trip.  At least top 5. 

We had dinner at the most popular (I think) restaurant at our resort -- and it was amazing.  I had the best jerk chicken ever.  Ben had Mahi Mahi and loved it as well.

We also had these fun cocktails -- called a Kiss Kiss.  Very sweet and coconut-y. 

We discovered a whole new 'area' of our resort this evening -- they have this great piano bar area which we enjoyed for quite a while.

Ben even got up and sang with the guy.  Walking in Memphis!  Ben isn't your typical karaoke singer.  I mean, don't get me wrong he LOVES to sing, but the difference is he's actually good. 

Tomorrow's installment was my very FAVORITE day of the whole trip.  Stay tuned so as not to miss any gratuitous vacation pictures! 


Accidentally Me said...

After a three mimosa breakfast, I would immediately take a nap and wake up just in time for dinner!!!

And there isn't, by chance, any video of this karaoke, is there...?

Erin said...

This vacation looks like sooo much fun!

Sarah said...

That footprint photo is awesome; some how it looks like the prints are raised out of the sand, instead of impressed into the sand.

I'm having vacation-envy reading these posts, but keep them coming!