Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wyatt's REAL Birthday

In our family, birthdays are not typically just one day.  We tend to have multiple celebrations and drag them out for a week or sometimes longer.  We didn't end up letting him open his gifts at the party just because we ran out of time and also he tends to get distracted easily so we didn't think it would be so easy to do.  And since we like to drag out the birthday celebrations, we ended up having him open his gifts on Monday night after we got home from work.  He loved everything and made sure to tell me to hurry up and get his thank you notes written!  Seriously though, I think he will be thrilled for the 'toy shuffle' that I'm going to do this afternoon!!

He thinks this riding toy is HILARIOUS!  Also, he loves to sit and spin the wheels.

It wasn't easy getting him to sit still this long for a picture!

Don't bother looking at the camera, buddy!
I did take off the day Tuesday because you only turn one once in your life and I wanted to spend the day with him.  Initially, I had thought we'd go swimming or to the park and just relax and play but it ended up that we really needed to do his 12 month pictures. (Also, I can't even express how glad I am that the monthly pictures are done!  Scheduling is always so difficult but they change so much in the first year that we all think its important)  We went out to mom's house for the photo shoot and then headed back home late afternoon for the family party that evening.

Opening his gifts from Meme and Papa

Once again - not looking at the camera! 
 Mom and Dad came down and once Ben got home from work we picked up dinner then did gifts and cake.  It ended up being a little later than we would have liked so W was getting grumpy by the time we did cake but we of course had to sing to him and take pictures. 
I think I should have commissioned Meme to make his caterpillar cake!  She did a much better job making a cute cake than the bakery did!
"Take this hat off my head, Mom"

"I'm so tired.  Please put me to bed"

"mmm ... this icing sure does taste good.  But I'm still tired"
 He was so worn out so we put him to bed and ate our cake after he was asleep!  (Sorry buddy -- maybe next year you won't be too tired to eat cake WITH us.) 

I wanted to get a picture of Wyatt in front of all his gifts and since he was so tired on Tuesday night that didn't work out.  We dressed him in his caterpillar shirt again yesterday and I did the picture last night.  Here he is ... on the go as usual!

Thanks again to everyone for celebrating with us.  It sure did make his day/week special! 


Accidentally Me said...

I love the shorts!

I sent the girls to day care today in shorts and I couldn't stop giggling at them and pinching their legs...just adorable!

Sarah said...

Nice loot Wyatt! He is a lucky boy! :)

Kimberly said...

Happy birthday Wyatt! I love you!


Megan said...

happy birthday big boy!!! ps - mom - don't even think about writing a note to us....