Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Our Memorial weekend started off a little traumatic.  We were getting ready to go to work on Friday and I sat Wyatt on the bed and turned around to pick up a pillow when I heard a terrible THUMP.  I only turned for a brief second and the poor kid had nose-dived off the bed.  He cried and cried and I felt HORRIBLE.  But once we had made sure that he was okay we took him on to school.  That little scrape below his eye?  Carpet burn.  Its healing but that is why he looks beat up in all of our memorial day pics.

I never know how to pick and choose between all the pictures that I want to post so I'm just doing them all via collage to recap our weekend!

Wyatt spent a LOT of the weekend playing with Ellie.  They loved the little baby pool that Papa bought them for the dock as well as the little kitchen playset that Kimmie brought up to the lake. 

Since Wyatt is obsessed with wheels and all things in motion, I figured he would like to play with the steering wheel on the boat.  I was correct.  We also went out on a few boat rides, both of which lulled Wyatt into a much-needed nap.  He also posed for a picture on the Sea Doo with Meme but we decided that he may be a little young for a real ride.  I'll get him out there before summer is over though ...

We also spent some time playing with the baby Gator. Wyatt was so proud to be driving and he seemed to enjoy it but once he was the passenger and Ellie was the driver he decided he didn't want to play anymore!  (I guess he heard a rumor that women can't drive very well?)  He also played several games of 'giddyup' with Meme.  He LOVES giddyup!!

The big excitement in our cove this spring/summer has been that there are 2 beavers living there.  Ben often goes down to the dock about dusk to fish and has had numerous run-ins with them.  So, Sunday night we ALL went down to the dock for the beaver sighting. We only saw one of the beavers, and from a distance.  However, Dave and Ben did manage to catch a few fish for Ellie.  She was so excited and when Ben asked what she wanted to name her fish she replied "Aunt Katie". 

So that pretty much sums up our long lake weekend.  It was fantastic and I can't wait to be back again soon! 

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