Friday, May 13, 2011

End-Of-Week Randomness

  • Last weekend, I was out running errands and decided to take Wyatt to Chick-fil-a for lunch just to see what he thought of it.  Turns out, it was a mistake to give him chicken nuggets before he ate any fruit because he LOVED them!  (Much like his daddy, he is starting to show a preference for processed, junk food over fresh fruits and veggies ...)
  • We had Mother's Day lunch at Fox Brothers BBQ after church on Sunday.  We remembered being there around this same time last year and had taken a picture in front of the restaurant -- it was actually the last picture of the 2 of us before Wyatt was born.  We thought it would be neat to re-do the picture so we can compare the two side-by side.  A year makes a huge difference, huh?
  • Speaking of Mother's Day - this is a picture of what Ben and Wyatt gave me.  It is awesome!  This picture doesn't do it justice all that well, but he had a mosaic made of tons of pictures from right before Wyatt's birth up until Easter.  Isn't this fantastic?  
  • Mom sent me this picture earlier this week of our hydrangea bushes up at the lake.  My absolute favorite flower in the world.  This picture makes me so happy!  
  •  We've got a busy weekend prepping for an extremely busy next week/weekend!!!  Ben and I are both in a wedding AND we're nuts enough to have Wyatt's birthday party the Sunday after the wedding so it should really make for an interesting week!  Ha.

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Michelle said...

Ahh, LOVE the mosaic! Wish I could see it up close and in person! Hydrangeas are my favorite flower too. :)