Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday W!!

Today, my little boy is ONE year old.  I cannot even believe it!  I took off work today to spend the day with him and also do his 1 year pictures -- those will be posted eventually. 

We celebrated Wyatt's birthday with friends and family this past Sunday with a Very Hungry Caterpillar themed party.  I have a jillion pictures that I want to share and can't decide which ones to post and which to leave out so be warned that there will be lots!

Before everyone arrived, we took a few family pictures in front of the balloon caterpillar.

Aunt Susan, Great Uncle Alfredo and Wyatt

Pops, Wyatt, Lolly, and Aunt Weez
The party was at our neighborhood clubhouse/pool mainly because I knew there was no way I could have my house in  order for a party after the busy weekend we had planned.  It really turned out to be a good place for the party though, I think.

Uncle Matt and Wyatt practiced fishing for a little while before the party.  Turns out the pool was a HUGE hit with all the kids. 
 We kept it pretty simple with the food so Ben and his dad manned the grill fixing hamburgers and hot dogs.  We also served caterpillar fruit skewers (which turned out to be a popular item), watermellon, and chips.  Oh and of course birthday cake! 

Wyatt had no clue that everyone who was there came to celebrate him, but he had a ball anyway.  Thanks to everyone who came to make this day even more special for our family! (Sorry these pictures are all wonky.  Blogger isn't cooperating)

When it came time for birthday cake, Wyatt was definitley unsure at first.

However, he quickly realized just how good sugary icing can be and dug in just like a baby should!
I had intentions of the main cake to be a 'centerpiece' of the party but the bakery did a pretty terrible job.  Probably won't be using them again.  It tasted good but just irritated me because I showed them a picture of what I wanted and what they created wasn't even close.  Oh well.  

I meant to bring a change of clothes for W for after his cake but things were just so crazy before the party that I plum forgot.  So, we just went redneck and stripped him down to his diaper afterward.  Ha!

For those who are interested, here are some detail shots.  I definitley googled 'very hungry caterpillar' party plenty of times when trying to gather ideas for W's party so this may be helpful to someone at some point! 

 Wyatt didn't nap all that great on party day.  Not all that surprising -- isn't it like a law that a kid either is sick or overly tired at their first birthday party?  After it was over, he just passed out in his Lolly's arms.  I think that is a sign that he enjoyed himself thoroughly.

Happy Birthday to my sweet little boy!!!!


Julie and Scott Cooper said...

Happy Birthday, Wyatt! Doesn't the first year fly by?! Adorable party theme and super cute birthday boy!

Sarah said...

Great party Katie...everything was perfect! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY WYATT!

Megan said...

everything looked so cute!!! i hate that i was sick...but matt and shug came home and told me how fab it was! happy birthday wyatt!