Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Weekend in Tennessee

This past weekend, we all traveled up to Tennessee.  I had a bachelorette party in Nahsville so Ben and Wyatt rode up with me so that they could spend the weekend with Ben's parents in Murfreesboro. 

We started off on Friday night by having a few drinks at the Parker (or was it Patterson ... I can't remember) house right behind the hotel we were staying in.  This picture may make us look lame because all you see on the table is water - I promise we had legitimate drinks too! 

It was just a small group of girls on Friday night/Saturday morning so we enjoyed a relaxing morning brunch at Noshville followed by a hellacious attempt to pick up a friend at the airport (damn you, Nashville Marathon)!  After that adventure, we walked to a local restaurant to have appetizers and drinks and enjoy the nice weather.  We ended up sitting there all afternoon because people kept arriving and needed to have lunch ... but we had a really good time talking and catching up.

We had a little lingerie shower for Erin in the hotel room.  I didn't take many pictures of that, but I do have one of the guest of honor opening gifts.  Notice in the background her male companion for the evening - D'Angelo. 

Then we headed off to dinner at a wonderful restaurant called Boundry.  The food and drinks were awesome (special thanks to Wes for the surprise champagne delivery), and we were really enjoying ourselves but the icing on the cake was when Taylor Swift walked in with her band!!  We couldn't get a picture without being totally obnoxious, so we opted not to do so. 

Meanwhile, back in Murfreesboro, Wyatt was having the time of his life with his Lolly and Pops!  And his Daddy too, of course.  Ben's mother told me before we left that I didn't need to pack too many toys because she had a "few things" ... well, we get there and her house seriously looked like a Toys R' Us!  I think he had more there to play with than he does at our house.  That, combined with tons of attention made for one spoiled and happy little boy! 

Sorry for the random picture arrangement at the end of this post.  Blogger seems to be muggin'


Sarah said...

So...I love the pictures of you girls and Wyatt too...but you couldn't even sneak a fuzzy picture of Taylor?!? I'm so disappointed right now. :(

BWL said...

Word on the street is Becky middle school shoulder bumped her in the bathroom cause she was in her way.

meg williams said...

i am SO sad i had to miss this one. looks like a great weekend - but I am with sarah....NO picture of taylor??? maybe next time... :)

Michelle said...

Couldn't one of ya'll have acted like you were talking on your cell phones and snapped a photo of Taylor with your phone? That's what I did when I saw Deanna Pappas in Atlanta (not that she is anything close to as famous as Taylor!).

Julie said...

I am so sad I had to miss it! Looks like a great time! Can't wait to see everyone in a couple of weeks :-)