Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Mish Mash

  • I saw the PRETTIEST blue orchids at Home Depot on Saturday while I was searching for the perfect plants for my new planters. I wanted to buy it so badly, but just couldn't bring myself to spend $43 on something that I would inevitably kill.  
  •  Speaking of things I will inevitably kill, I spent an hour and a half picking out the right plants and had this great vision in my mind of how these planters would turn out.  That vision did not include a droopy sweet potato vine.
  •  They did perk up, and I think are doing okay -- apparently I did a few things wrong including under-watering them and putting them in full-sun.  I'm hoping they last for the summer but we'll see. 
  • I do not, for the life of me, understand men named Dana.  (Sorry, I'm sure I'm offending someone but I truly don't get it)  There is absolutely zero ambiguity about the name 'Dana'.  It is 100% girl's name.  There are lots of girl-boy names that I can get behind.  Dana just isn't one of them.  I'll never get it ....
  • I hurriedly made a tomato-asparagus quiche last Thursday night and because I was in such a rush, I spilled the egg/milk mixture all over my oven when putting it in to bake.  I was mad enough at myself for being so careless and then I looked down at my bottom oven and saw that the mixture had run between the glass.  Awesome.  I guess I have to take the oven apart to get that crap off?  It is driving me CRAZY to look at though.  
  • We've been busy at our house preparing for a birthday party for a certain little boy!  All his party stuff as well as his presents are in our (still un-furnished) living room.  Can't believe he is almost one.
  •  That birthday-boy and I were at the grocery store on Sunday and I noticed a new flavor of yogurt melts on the baby aisle.  I picked them up and was inspecting them and he literally almost crawled out of his skin to get them!  I had to open them in the store and let him snack on them because he was so excited.  

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