Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

We had a fabulous weekend celebrating Easter at the lake.  Ellie and Wyatt both got a visit from the Meme and Papa Easter Bunny on Saturday morning (how many words can I capitalize in one sentence?).  They both got some fun toys, candy, new pajamas, shoes, and clothes -- the baskets were a hit with both kids! 
 Ben spent the day fishing - and man he took that seriously!  As we were loading up his fishing gear into my car, I found a page of notes he had made in research of fishing on Hartwell.  I guess all his research paid off because he did have some luck with the Bass all weekend so he was happy.  He did spend some time teaching Wyatt about fishing while he was on the dock!
We also painted Kimmie's belly like an Easter egg and got both kids to pose for pictures. 

We dyed some eggs Saturday night, which was messy but fun.  Both kids had a special egg with their name on it but of course Wyatt broke his when we were trying to get him to take a picture!  (He got mad at Meme because she took his bag of yogurt melts away and he wanted one so he threw a little fit and tossed his hard boiled egg.  Oh well)

Easter Sunday was spent rushing around trying to get pictures and get everyone ready before heading to the farm house for lunch and an Easter Egg hunt.  Although Wyatt was very tired he really seemed to enjoy the hunt but I'm sure next year will be even better when he really can understand the concept!  Special thanks goes out to Liam for capturing the 2 snakes found hiding in the grass amongst the Easter Eggs .... (I'm still having heart palpitations thinking about those snakes!!)


meg williams said...

precious pictures. had NO IDEA kimmie was pregnant again! where have i been??? anyway - glad y'all had a good Easter. love you!

Sarah said...

Great photos! I love the collage... I didn't know that Kimmie was pregnant either! When is she due? Does she know what she is having? Congratulations to them!

The Slyes - Aubrey, David, and Harrison said...

VERY CUTE! Love the pics!

Katie said...

Thanks everyone!

Yes, Kimmie is having a little boy in late July. Ellie may be the boss cousin but now at least there will be 2 boys being bossed around together!