Thursday, December 30, 2010

White (day after) Christmas!

When we left to go up to Grandma's on Christmas morning it was snowing in Smyrna. I got soooo excited thinking we'd have a nice, pretty drive in the snow but it quickly turned to rain. A bit of a letdown, I suppose but by the time we left the farm on Saturday night it was snowing again and the snow seemed to be sticking to the ground!

We woke up Sunday morning at the lake to lots and lots of snow covering the ground!! Yay!! Wyatt's first snow!!

We all got bundled up and headed outside for some pictures! (Like I said, Wyatt doesn't lack for pictures AT ALL!! We photo-document everything). Wyatt HATED being all bundled up but he was overall a good sport about it. Like his snowman shoes? They didn't really match his outfit and I probably would have been better off putting him in his boots, but I just thought these were so appropriate for snow. And it isn't like he can walk so it really just didn't matter much!

Me and Wyatt with Ellie and Kimmie. Ellie absolutely loved the snow -- hopefully when Wyatt is her age he will like it a little better as well. And he'll maybe even tolerate getting bundled up.

Family picture! I know I'm mis-matched but I half-assed it when I was packing because I just wasn't convinced that it was really going to snow!

Meme and Papa with W and E! My dad looks soooo cold!!

Meme and Papa bought Ellie and Wyatt a kid-Gator several weeks ago. We all love riding the Kubota so they figured that they would like this kid-version. We have a super long driveway that is perfect for riding so I imagine these two will be playing with this often this summer! As Dad said to me "we've got Wyatt a new Gator, and a driver" That might be the case for a little while but before long Wyatt will figure out how to drive that thing!

Ben worked hard to build Wyatt his first snowman. Here he is in action while Wyatt and I just stood there "supervising"

Wyatt was soooo fussy by the time the snowman was finished, so we let him nap and came back out later to pose for a picture with it. The snow was starting to melt and Wyatt still wasn't thrilled about being layered up and out in the cold so we just did the best we could with the picture.

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meg williams said...

ADORABLE!!! love the last pic in front of the snowman. loved being with yall this weekend. hope to see you soon! love,