Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

One thing Wyatt does not lack for are pictures! Oh and toys apparently ... now that we've gone through his first Christmas! I told Ben the other night that I really thought we had done a great job up until this point at keeping our house looking relatively adult with a few splashes of baby here and there. Now, a toy bomb has apparently exploded in our home and there are toys EVERY.WHERE.

Its my own fault -- every time I was at Target or Babies R' Us I would find another toy that Wyatt just "had" to have. Oh well, you only have one first Christmas in your life, right? He deserved to get spoiled.

On Christmas Day, we all got up and went downstairs when Wyatt decided it was time. First thing we did was show Wyatt that Santa had come to visit! Funny, he didn't really seem to care one way or the other! We still set him up to pose with all his gifts.

By the way ... has anyone ever noticed that whoever makes children's toys puts little easter eggs within them? I swear they do. That little monkey toy you see there on the left side of this picture plays a song that we SWEAR sounds like "I'm a big, dumb, tall giraffe ..."
We enjoyed an awesome breakfast and then all scurried to get dressed to head up to my Grandparents house for the afternoon. We tried and tried and tried to get a family picture with everyone looking at the camera and smiling. Didn't happen, but I think this one is pretty good!

We got to Grand Meme and Grand Papa's after lunch and had plenty of time to sit around and visit. Of course, there were more presents waiting for the kids there ... doesn't Wyatt look cute in his new Frog hat? And he LOVES this book!

After Grand Meme and Grand Papa's, we went over to the farm house for dinner and one final round of gifts. Here are Ben and I helping Wyatt to open his present.

Wyatt enjoying his Grand Meme and Grand Papa. Check out the couch they are sitting on!! (I've mentioned the stone-age couch before)

We attempted to get all of the cousins together for a picture. I think this is about the best we could do. There are LOTS of cousins at the farm -- all second, third, and fourth cousins to Wyatt I believe.

Ummm... I think that wraps up Christmas 2010!

I'll do snow pictures in another (maybe shorter?) post!

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EquisBuffy said...

So how much time did Wyatt spend playing with all his brand new toys and how time did he spend playing with the boxes they came in and wrapping paper? :)