Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

I must warn you (again) that I have approximately one brazillion pictures from Christmas to post here! And it is just so hard to choose between all of them and I just can't leave anything out. However, I do know that I typically read other blogs mostly to see pictures so I'll make the same assumption of anyone reading this!

This first picture actually wasn't taken on Christmas Eve. Kimmie and Ellie came down to have lunch with Dave, who works near my house, one afternoon last week. Mom happened to be keeping Wyatt at my house that day so they stopped by for a quick visit. That quick visit turned into a big ole family party and we got this cute picture of E and W!

On Christmas Eve, we enjoyed a somewhat relaxing day off. Actually the day wasn't all that relaxing since we had a jillion little things around the house to do to get ready for Christmas but that's okay! It was still nice to be at home with Wyatt and Ben even if we did have lots to accomplish.

That evening, we went to Meme and Papa's house for dinner and to celebrate with the whole family. Wyatt sitting proudly in his new chair! A gift from Meme and Papa.
We wanted a picture of both kids in their chairs. Ellie was NOT having it at all! I think she was upset that we made her quit playing with her baby dolls for this photo.
Me and the little Monkey. Love this picture
Daddy with Wyatt. Wyatt just wasn't really in the mood to smile much for the camera.
Family picture
After dinner, we went into the den to open gifts. Notice Wyatt's little diva outfit change? That wasn't because he made a mess but more because I wanted him to wear all his Christmas clothes as much as possible!
Wyatt and Ellie with Papa. Scuse' the WubbaNub in Wyatt's mouth -- he is obsessed with that thing!
Happy boy!
After dinner, we loaded up the car with all our gifts and went home. Santa called and asked Ben if he could please help him out and put together Wyatt's toy box for him! Of course we obliged.

Looks like Santa came to spoil Wyatt! (And by the way: 1) my sister told me that our tree was "puny" I agree. we will see if we can improve upon that next year 2) do you see those cords? they are DRIVING ME CRAZY. this would be such a pretty picture if they weren't there. we'll remedy that next year as well)

After Santa made his delivery, Ben and I enjoyed some of the leftover cookies and milk.

Next up: Christmas Day

Then: Snow


Kimberly said...

Christmas Eve was so much fun! I love the one pic. of W in his chair..you know the one where I was making him smile. That's the best one!

And yes, that tree needs some work!

The Slyes - Aubrey, David, and Harrison said...

yall are such a cute family! merry christmas dah-ling!

Sarah said...

Great pictures...I'm looking forward to "Christmas" and "Snow"! :)