Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December - part deux

I gave a little warning on my last post that there were lots of pictures. I lied! But there really are a million this time. I'll try to keep this short and sweet though :)

This past weekend, we went to Murfreesboro to celebrate Christmas with Ben's family. We all had a great time and I know the highlight of the weekend for everyone was seeing Wyatt!

Opening presents. Not surprisingly, Wyatt was more interested in the wrapping paper than in the actual gifts!

We spent Friday evening celebrating with Ben's mom's sister and her husband. We had a wonderful meal and then a ton of gifts to unwrap! Here is Wyatt posing with his Aunt Weez and Uncle Bill.

We had a relaxing morning on Saturday and opened presents with Ben's mom, dad, and brother. Here is a very proud Lolly with Wyatt.

Pops is helping Wyatt open his gifts. (And supervising to make sure he doesn't eat too much tissue paper!)
Aunt Susan and Uncle Al came to Murfreesboro Saturday afternoon to celebrate and open (even more) gifts. In this picture, it was Susan's turn to make sure Wyatt didn't eat too much paper.

For some reason, Wyatt LOVED laying and sitting in this little changing pad thing and playing. Here he is hanging out with his new dog, Dudley.

Uncle Matt! Somehow, we failed to capture a picture of Wyatt and Matt on our camera. Sorry, Matt :( (and a hint to Lolly to please send us one from your camera!)

Family photo amongst a sea of gifts and wrapping paper!

Lolly and Pops

Do you like Ben's new hat?

Wyatt with Aunt Susan and Uncle Al. Or, Great Uncle Alfredo, as he likes to call himself!

Before church on Sunday

Family photo.

Why is it SO HARD to get a good picture of 7 people?

That's all I've got from this past weekend. We've got more celebrating this week -- we will celebrate with Mom and Dad and Kimmie, Dave, and Ellie on Christmas Eve. Santa will probably make a stop at our house shortly after that and then we're off to the Farm for the extended family Christmas on Saturday! So stay tuned for more pictures.

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Michelle said...

I just can't get over how precious Wyatt is! Love all the pics Katie! :)