Thursday, December 9, 2010


I used to blog just for the pure entertainment of it. And also because I like to get on my soapbox. Now, I use this as a way to look back at each month and remember what was going on at any point in time. Mainly so I can keep up with Wyatt's milestones and pictures of our family. So, its now midway through December and I'm way behind. Oh well. All that is to say: prepare yourself because this will be a LONG post! With lots of pictures. But since I'm doing this to keep record of what we've been doing I'm not going to cut it short!!

In true Longmire fashion, we were busy all month! We started it out with celebrating at a wedding shower for one of my best friends, Carrie, and her fiance, Burke. Unfortch, I didn't take many pictures but I did get one of Ben and I! I think there are more pics from that night, but those are on other cameras (hint hint, please load them somewhere so I can have them!)

Next up, I think we had a few events. A football game for sure. Who knows what else. But the next "documented" event was Papa's birthday. We usually try to go out to a restaurant to celebrate but with 2 kiddos that isn't always so easy so we ended up celebrating in Lilburn. The boys grilled some steaks so Papa didn't have to do too much work (he doesn't love grilling). I think he enjoyed his little home celebration! Lots of pictures of his b-day!!Dad (Papa) with Wyatt and Ellie

Ben, Me, Wyatt at dinner. Wyatt LOVED this plastic placemat! He ripped it off the table the minute he saw it and played with it all throughout dinner.We're singing Happy Birthday to Dad right now. In true Ellie fashion, she has to be right in the middle of the action!

Now Wyatt has joined in to "help" open gifts!

Wyatt and Ellie playing with Dad's new foot massager!

The following Tuesday, we had an appointment to visit Santa at Phipps Plaza. It felt sorta strange to do this even before Thanksgiving but when I scheduled it in OCTOBER, it seemed like November 16 was close enough to Christmas! What made it even more strange is that it was about 70 degrees out and Wyatt was dressed out in his Christmas clothes!

I didn't really get a good picture of Wyatt with Santa, except for the ones the photographer took. He did really well though! Santa had to protect his beard, as that was the first thing Wyatt grabbed for when he sat down on his lap! We did get a few pictures before seeing ole Santa!

"Mom, there are more important things to look at than your camera" (b-tee-dubs ... excuse the dot on his forehead. it wasn't there in celebration of Diwali. i got a call from school one day saying that he'd scratched his head with his nails. i don't think his fingernails did that much damage, but whatevs! he's a boy and they get injuries!!)

Wyatt with Mems
Wyatt and Mommy (His Daddy was a sad Panda that he had to miss Wyatt's first Santa visit, but he had a meeting that he could not skip)

After our visit with Santa, Mom had to run over to Lenox to grab something so we decided that we should take Wyatt to ride the Pink Pig while we were there. Its an Atlanta tradition, so I guess we will be doing this each year for a while!

About to ride the Pink Pig!!

Next up: my birthday. We braved the restaurant this time, I think mainly because we celebrated on my actual b-day and it was a Friday night. We had a wonderful dinner at J. Alexander's with the whole Burkett-Longmire-Heglin clan. I snagged this picture from my sister's blog. I don't think we took too many photos that night. Certainly none of our little Longmire family. Notice my little "helper"! She LOVES opening presents.

The following day, we had our last home football game and celebrated my birthday again with some friends at a tailgate. (Thanks Dr. King and Mr & Mrs. King for organizing!!!) We took Wyatt to his final football game of the season (and probably his last one for quite a while). He's such a trooper .... he did so well at both the tailgate and game but we did end up leaving at halftime. I did manage to snag this cute picture of Buzz, Wyatt and Ben at the game right before we left! We took Wyatt out to my parent's house for the evening and Ben and I went to the Jason Aldean concert that night for one last birthday celebration! We had a great time.

We spent that Sunday doing his 6 month pictures. Can you believe that Wyatt has been with us for half a year? Neither can I!!! This time last year, he was just a Shim!!

We had Wyatt's 6 month doctor appointment on the 24th and then headed up to Knoxville to celebrate Thanksgiving with Ben's side of the family. I'm going to let the pictures do the talking here!
Wyatt and his Great Grandparents (Pa and Mimi)

4 Generations of Longmire

Wyatt with his Grand Mimi (this is a very special picture ... Mimi passed away about a week after this photo was taken so we are so glad that they had an opportunity to meet one another)

All the turkey made someone TIRED!!

the family

Aunt Susan feeding Wyatt lunch!

playing with Pops

I think that pretty much sums up November! Whew! I'm exhausted. Pinky promise not to neglect my little blog for so long again!


Michelle said...

I LOVE his Christmas outfit. He is so adorable in it! :)

meg williams said...

GREAT pics - and so special that you got that one of Wyatt and Ben's grandmother. I know this has been a tough week - thinking/praying for yall! Love you!