Thursday, December 2, 2010

6 Month Update!

Wyatt was 8 days late entering this world, so its only fair that I am 8 (er, 10, but who's counting?) days late with this post!

I have other updates on basically our whole month of November but first I have to get those pictures loaded up onto the computer. I'll get to it eventually!

I don't want to be a sappy Mama, but it really is amazing how much Wyatt has changed just since his 5 month birthday! He is so much more observant, and grabs at everything! One of his favorite things is to grab people's faces and if you have long hair, he's going to grab that too. I try to be consistent in telling him "no, no" when he pulls hair, but he really doesn't listen!He was starting to sit up without assistance at about 5.5 months but now he can sit up for a long period of time without falling. It really is nice because he will sit and bat at his toys without me having to always hand them to him. He is discovering new things each day and it really is fun to watch him learn all about the world around him and discover new stuff! He is a pretty independent baby, and can entertain himself for 20-30 minutes at a time as long as he's not tired! This is wonderful most of the time, but there are occasions when you just want him to look at and play with you and he's too engrossed in his toys!
On one hand, he is easier to carry around because I can just throw him on my hip and go. On the other hand, it isn't quite so easy because a) he is HEAVY (18 # 8oz. as of the 24th) and b) he grabs everything he sees!Another thing that has really changed in the past month or month and a half is his ability to communicate with me. Its hard to explain because he of course can't talk, but somehow he is able to get his point across to us about things he wants.

- anything that lights up and sings to him
- his weeble wobble highchair toys
- peaches, pears, apples ... pretty much all fruits!
- milk (he continues to be a great eater)
- sleep (which is a good thing because he has 2 parents who NEED their sleep)
- being outside
- jumping (he really loves his jumparoo)

- getting his lotion on after bath time
- getting his pajamas on
- he really could leave all veggies, but we still make him eat them! (there is only room for one non-veggie eater in my household)

18 lbs. 8 oz! (I think they said that was 50-75th percentile)
26.5 inches
size 3 diapers
9-12 month clothes (some 6 months ... but we're outgrowing those quickly!)
size 2 or 3 shoe
still ZERO teeth


Sarah said...

I love this update, especially the stats and the pictures! He is adorable!

Kimberly said...

I love the 6 month pics.! He's growing so fast! I can't belive he doesn't like lotion time...that's Ellie's favorite!

Katie said...

Kimmie, that is just so DECEMBER of her!

MAY's are too cool for lotion time!

Lacey said...

Thanks Katie! I enjoy reading your blog! Wyatt's a handsome little man and growing up so fast! Hope ya'll have a Merry Christmas!