Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm too lazy to think of a title for this post

I broke one of my cardinal rules the other day : always pick out your outfit for the following day before going to bed. Actually, I can't take credit for this one. This was my mother's rule when my sister and I were growing up and even though we didn't necessarily like it, we both appreciated the fact that it made mornings easier and a little less rushed. Obvi, I am married now and don't have to live by my mother's rules these days but I still try to adhere to it. It seems like when I don't two things happen to me: 1) I run at least 10 minutes behind schedule 2) I get to work and end up hating my outfit.

Somehow I was able to avoid running late this morning (7am phone call with my sister ensures that I'm on time) but I got to work and HATED my outfit. Of course that made for a really long day and I got grumpy every time I saw myself in the mirror. I guess the moral of the story here is this: Mom, you were right again :)

Not much else to report to you tonight. I don't have any other controversial things to write about, so I'll recap my Friday night adventures with Ellie. (Nobody will probably care to read this other than my mom and sister)

I went up to Kimmie and Dave's on Friday night to keep Ellie while they went to a hockey game. I had just seen Ellie a few days earlier, but was looking forward to a night with her nonetheless. When I got there, she was awake and happy but really tired so Kimmie put her in her favorite nap spot to rest for a bit.

She woke up prematurely and because of that was tired and cranky. She actually pitched a huge fit when we were trying to get her back to sleep. Such a fit that I was glad her mother was there to calm her down. Once Kimmie gave her a little snack, she was tired but happy so she played on her play mat for a bit. Her favorite play mat activity is the earthquake - this is where I shake the bars so all the animals and attachments swing wildly. Funny how the littlest things amaze babies.

then we played super-baby (she absolutley LOVES this)

I have been craving Moe's for three weeks now, and thought that Ellie might let me indulge this craving so I put her in her car seat and loaded her up. She wasn't having it. She cried and screamed as I was buckling her in and then some more as I put her into the car. Once she started choking from crying so hard, I decided it wasn't worth it and took her back inside. (Not to mention I felt terrible for torturing her unnecisarilly) As soon as she was out of her carrier she got happy again. I eventually gave her a bottle and tried to load her up again. I had pretty much decided against going to Moe's by this point but we did have to do one little outing.

Had to go get a prescription for a job that was too big for Boudreaux (for Ellie, I don't have diaper rash)

By the time we got home, Ellie was fast asleep. She needed a nap, so I was relieved but feared waking her up for her next bottle and her bath. I let her sleep while I scrounged up some food in Kimmie's house and then picked her up once I was finished. She of course rubbed her eyes and stuck out her lower lip to let me know that she wasn't thrilled with me.

I took her upstairs for bath time. This is something that I cannot screw up, apparently. Ellie loves her baths these days and I'm told that it is very relaxing for her.

Does this look like a relaxed baby? (I'll give you a hint: NO)

FAIL. She cried the whole time. I think the water must not have been warm enough because her poor little hands started to turn blue. (Yes, I'm going to be a shit mom.) As soon as I noticed this I got her out, lotioned, butt creamed, diapered, and in her pajamas. We read a few books then she sucked down another bottle and knocked out for the night.

I really did enjoy my evening with Ellie but I think I overheard her tell her mom not to let "dumb aunt Katie" give her any more baths.


Becky said...

Ellie is so freaking cute. Katie, I think you will be the "fun aunt".

Harrison Philip Slye said...

katie, you had so much responsibility, and she looks really happy regardless of what you wrote! Babysitting Chody doesn't compare to babysitting a HUMAN, does it!!!???!! :)

EquisBuffy said...

Your mom is a wise woman. I need to get in the habit of pulling an outfit the night before (I tend to run 20 minutes behind.) And with a role model like that your mothering skills can't be all bad. :)

Ashley Morrison said...

I am so glad to be in touch!
You look great, and please tell Ben I said hello... How are you?
I would love to get together sometime. Kim's little girl is so adorable...
Fill me in on life and talk to you soon!