Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The New 90210

I've been out of the blogosphere for about a week now. I have things to talk about, just haven't had time to really think through a post. Anyways. I'll try to be better.

Am I the only 20-something that watches 90210? I'm pretty certain that I'm not. Did anyone see last night's episode? WOW. That show has done a complete nosedive. Ben and I started watching it mainly because it was an escape and we've continued to watch simply because it is a trainwreck. Actually, trainwreck is an understatement when describing last night's episode.

If you don't appreciate spoilers and haven't watched last night, stop reading now.

Okay. So Silver was on my nerves the whole night. I liked her so much better when she was edgy and cool. She's turned downright annoying. Over the top. And you know Dixon was frustrated with her, but since she got that tattoo of his name he felt trapped. And WHAT IN THE WORLD was she thinking with that video? I mean, seriously. Girl is deranged. I have to admit that I didn't see that one coming. As if that wasn't bad enough, she had to go psycho light her videos on fire in Dixon's yard then break into Matthews' place? (BTW, does he live at Melrose Place? I think so) I guess she was just so pissed that Dixon broke up with her that she couldn't think logically. In my not-so-humble opinion the producers went a little over the top with Silver last night. They should have stopped with her Left Eye Lopesing Dixon's house.

Moving right along, let's talk about Annie now. She is annoying. That's all. And her expressions? SO OVER HER.

I actually like Namoi these days. The fact that she's doing the whole Dylan thing and living in a hotel due to a fallout with her parents is fun. Unrealistic? Sure. Formulaic? Absolutely. But still it makes for an entertaining storyline. Now enter bad boy, Liam, and we pretty much have a new Dylan in town. I'm just hoping the real Dylan McKay will show up.

Adrianna: She, like Naomi, has gotten much better over time. Obvi, she mellowed out since she's preggers but she's pretty much the most stable of all the main characters. She didn't have enough air time last night and neither did Navid. And while we're at it neither did Brenda, Kelly, or DONNA!!

I think I'm going to keep giving it a try. For at least a few more weeks. I'm crossing my fingers that Silver will downgrade from psycho to just weird, Annie will learn to act, and the show will focus more on Naomi, Adriana, and Kelly.

What are your thoughts?


Team Thompson said...

I would love to comment but the Thompson house is a Gossip Girl house. 90210 just does not capture a realistic snapshot of today's youth. I prefer private school girls living in the upper East side riding jets and drinking martinis.

Erin said...

Katie, glad to see you're blogging again. I was getting worried. As for 90210, they recently got a new producer/creative director (who previously worked on Gilmore Girls), and she said that Ethan will be written out of the show for next season, and that they are going to rely less on the old characters like Kelly, Brenda and Donna. And I totally agree that Gossip Girl is such a better show.

EquisBuffy said...

I just watched it a few hours ago and I also found it hard not to turn away but so desperately wanted to. Although the most painful part of the show for me was Naomi. I just can’t get down with homegirl’s acting. The kissing scenes between her and Liam were L-A-M-E!! I’m sure I’ll stick around till they phase out the OG’s but I’d definitely take Serena van der Woodsen’s mouth breathing over Naomi Clark any day of the week.

Katie said...

Team Thompson: Maybe I'll take up watching GG.

Erin: I didn't know that about the new producer. I could care less about Ethan, but I hate that they are going to get rid of the old characters. Bad move

EquisBuffy: Yes, the kissing scenes were stupid but I do think they've toned her down. Or maybe Annie and Silver were annoying me so much that I overlooked Naomi.

Ben Edwards said...

Silver was my favorite character, now they have made her a psycho in 2 episodes. Looks like she's headed mental hospital soon. Are they trying to go the Emily Valentine route w/ her?
I am a big fan of Julie from Friday Night Lights, so I hope she gets Ethan.
I am in agreement w/ you Katie - this show needs more of Kelly, Brenda, and Mr. Matthews story lines.