Thursday, March 12, 2009

Friday Favorites: Lip Gloss

Oops! I never really did get around to the Friday Favorites segment last week. Thanks to the hundreds of three people who participated! I think I'm going to change up the Friday Faves ever so slightly because I know its hard to think of products for a specific category. Also, I realize that yall actually have lives and don't have time to email me every week with your latest and greatest finds. So, with that in mind just email me or leave a comment if you discover something that you want to share with the other ten people who read this blog and I'll post it. I don't think I will limit this to just beauty products either because there are so many other things that I love!

And now for our 3 lip glosses ...

Neutrogena Lip Gloss -

my lips are sooo sensitive to makeup that they peel with almost any lip gloss. Wierd right? I guess I have an allergy, but I have tried YSL, Trish, Nars, Benefit, Covergirl, you name it... and nothing keeps my lips from peeling. I tried Neutrogena Lip gloss the other day and it is fabulous. No smell, no peeling, and it lasts for several hours. I have 3 different shades and could not be happier - my search is over!

Liplicious 2-in 1 Lip Stain & Gloss

I like the stain because it stays on better than a lipstick or lipgloss. Then the clear gloss adds a lot of shine and moisture and can be found at Bath & Body Works.

Smashbox O-Gloss

I love this stuff! It is a light gloss that enhances the natural pink color of your lips. A friend gave me a sample and I'm now hooked -- you can find it at Sephora for around $20. I especially like to use this when I don't want to wear lipstick yet I want to avoid having bare lips. (I really should give credit to Tracey for the discovery of this product as she is the one who gave me a sample of it. Thanks, Tracey!)

Becky – Did you notice that my comma usage has significantly decreased?

OMG!! I just discovered spell check in blogger. How did I not notice this before?


SoMi's Nilsa said...

I was with you on all your favorite lip glosses until you said Blogger has spell check. It does? OMG, now I have to go have a look for myself! =)

Katie said...

It does have spell check!! You have to look in the 'compose' tab as opposed to html though.

Just because it has spell check doesn't mean I bothered to run it! OH well.

EquisBuffy said...

LMAO!! My sister recently told me I need to start using MORE commas. And I never realized Blogger had spell check either.

Love, love the lip gloss recommendations. My other sister always raves about Stila. I have yet to try it.