Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Time for Change

I will get in so much trouble for posting this. Hope yall enjoy it because I'll certainly pay for it later!

With Spring approaching and the nice weather we have had recently, Ben has been spending much more time on golf -- practicing, playing, watching, talking about, etc. Golf is literally one of Ben's favorite things in the world and I totally get it. He is competitive and loves to challenge himself (and others) on the golf course as much as he possibly can. In order to be a decent golfer he has to practice and play frequently. I have always been supportive of this and frankly, I always will be. However. I do think it is time to draw a line in the sand.

I never take issue with Ben playing on the weekends. During the spring and summer, he typically plays at least once each weekend and sometimes two or even three times. This doesn't bother me too much (unless I want him to be at the lake with me) I also don't have a problem with him going on his loooong escapades to the PGA Superstore. That is his time and it is probably equivalent to my Target trips. I don't watch every tournament with him but I also don't try to dissuade him from watching. I really am pretty damn supportive.

The problem of late is that Ben has been going to the driving range after work at nights. That probably sounds a bit harsh, so allow me to explain myself. I cook dinner pretty much every night. When we first got married we agreed that dinner should be family time. At the table. This is the way I grew up and is a tradition I wish to continue when we have children. I don't mind eating late sometimes, but typically I like to have our dinner ready around 7 or 7:30. That is reasonable, right?

This isn't ever a problem unless Ben goes to the driving range. This spring is the first time I've noticed this happening with any regularity but I think it needs to stop. He comes home from work around 6:30 and changes to head to the driving range. He is there at least an hour but lately it has been more like 1.5 hours. This basically means he is getting home after 8:00 PM these days. I can't wait that late to eat dinner so I end up eating alone with a book or my laptop. And his sits in the microwave until he gets home.

I've instituted a new rule as of last night. Its fine if he wants to go to the driving range after work. No problem whatsoever. He just needs to go directly from work and be home by 7:30 so that we can spend some time together.

Is that too harsh? Or am I being fair?


EquisBuffy said...

Totally fair, unless he plans on going pro he really shouldn’t have to hit it that hard. Plus the work week is when you see the least of your mate so wanting him home as soon as possible isn’t asking for much.

Wes said...


BWL said...


i'll just bite the old tongue

Michelle said...

Katie- this is awesome. Ben sounds like Pryor's twin as my husband is as golf obsessed as yours is and can spend an entire day wandering around the PGA Superstore! I think that you are being VERY fair, so I read this to Pryor feeling sure that he would agree. Not so fast. As I finished reading it, he laughed and said "no." Must be a girl/guy thing!