Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Thanks to everyone for all your phone calls, emails, and blog shoutouts!! (Quick background story here: Josh knows that she is one of my favorite bloggers and had her wish me happy bday on her blog today. Thanks, Josh!)

We went to dinner with my family at South City Kitchen, which was fantastic! I always eat the buttermilk fried chicken there, which is nothing short of delicious. It is maybe some of the best I've ever had! Yall really do need to try it sometime.

I know it might be frivilous to talk about my birthday, but whatever. I think it is fun, and I would want to read all about your birthday if I were reading your blog. So, therefore I'm going to share ....

I got these from my dad first thing this morning. From my all time favorite cupcakery (Sweet Pockets)! I ate one of the chocolate ones earlier this morning and am about to have a vanilla one once I finish blogging.

Then, I got all these awesome gifts from my family! I can't wait to put it all to use. Especially all the new jewelry!! And do you notice that dress in the front of the picture? It appears that the 'hint hint' section of my blog worked -- Ben gave that to me. As you can see, I did change out of my mis-matched outfit from earlier today!!

A couple things that I wanted to point out which do not really show up well in the picture. Remember this necklace that i just HAD to have? This isn't the exact same one, but once I realized that Ben or nobody in my family had bought it for me, I emailed the seller and asked her to make me something similar. She did and here is a picture of it!

And one of the coolest gifts that I suspect was more from my brother-in-law than from my sister was this bumper sticker:

So thanks again for a wonderful birthday. And stay tuned for a guest post from Ben later this week!


Megan said...

damn girl! look at all your loot! is that a tory burch clutch i see in the back left of the picture?

Team Thompson said...

Happy Birthday Katie

My present to you is a bud light at the tailgate tonight

BWL said...

looks to me like your husband is allsome

Kimberly said...

What BWL was trying to say is it looking like your sister is allsome!

BWL said...


and also so is your husband

just from my observations of this blog of course

ashkindred said...

Dude, that Obama sticker is awesome!