Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Ben is still supposed to guest blog for me about the new 90210. (He was also supposed to get his emissions tested 3 weeks ago and that hasn't happened yet, so don't hold your breath) If he does, I can assure you that he will go more into detail and will entertain you much more than I do. I just wanted to make a few quick observations from last night's episode as well as from the show in general.

Are yall watching the show at all?

1) Is the whole show comical to anyone else other than me? I mean, there are a few decent actors on the show but as a whole they're not that great. Was the old 90210 like that too? I haven't watched any old episodes lately, but I don't remember thinking the acting was terrible. At least not with the main characters.

2) I LOVED the fight between Annie and Naomi. Loved it. I think that whole scene (and the reasons for the argument) was completely tailored for their target audience. Not only that, but for those (like me) who aren't in their target demographic, it provided comedic relief to what was otherwise an unrealistic episode.

3) I am so glad that Kelly is back! And the scenes for next week look awesome -- there is going to be more Kelly/Brenda boyfriend drama!! Looks like Brenda will reveal that she has betrayed Kelly with that teacher (Mr. Matthews?). And that is just great .... Kelly did it to Brenda way back when and now Brenda finally gets her revenge.

That's all I have for today. Hopefully Ben will have a better analysis for yall tomorrow! And hopefully he will also get his emissions checked today.


Team Thompson said...

Got no time for 90210. That show is just living off its image from the nineties. The Thompsons are a Gossip Girl house. The girls are hotter, they drink every day, and take out their frustrations by ruining other people's lives.

What's not to like?

Rebecca said...

Yes, somehow, someway, 90210 has been left on my recently edited DVR list. Don't tell anyone.

Does anyone think that Annie looks A LOT like her TV mom, Debbie?

Mary Beth said...

I love the new 90210 but I have to agree that they are terrible actors. I think though they were equally as terrible in the original we just didnt notice.

Becky -
I agree that Annie looks a lot like her TV mom.

Sarah said...

I don't watch it, yet at our house it's recorded weekly and watched the next day. I'm not saying...I'm just saying there is another Ben who could blog on this topic.

EquisBuffy said...

Yes I'm watching and yes it is hilarious. My partner in crime is always asking me why I still watch it if all I do is talk/yell back to the TV screen while it is on. Can't help it. But if they leave me that long without Kelly or Brenda again I'll jump ship...till they come back that is.

Anonymous said...

As Sarah has said, I don't miss a 90210 episode. I might have seen every episode of the old show as well. I am working w/ the youth at our church, and I told Sarah that I needed to watch 90210 to keep up w/ teens these days...

I am looking forward to another Kelly/Brenda showdown next week. Lets just say that HD is not too kind to Shannon Doherty. Get off Kelly's show B!TCH.

The show does not seem to have good flow. Navid barely shows up in early episodes, now he an Adrianna are a couple and major characters. The old 90210 would have made the 2 arrests much more drawn out and dramatic. Where did Naomi's Latino love interest go? I love it when she speaks Espanol.
Don't worry though Brandon is coming to save the day. Word has it that Jason Priestley is getting back in the executive producer chair for some new 90210.

Katie: we watched some old reruns when we were in Toronto and the acting was as bad then as it is now (esp. Steve, Donna, David)

Did anyone else watch North Shore? We were pissed when they canceled that show!

Ben E.