Sunday, November 9, 2008

Current Favorite Products

This might be a boring post to some of you. If it is, let me know and I’ll try to step it up next time! I really can’t afford to lose any of my 10 readers.

One of my favorite places in the world is the drugstore. I’m not kidding. One of my dreams in life is to win a 10 minute shopping spree in a drugstore. All I need is a shopping cart and 10 minutes. I would be a very happy woman ….

In honor of this dream of mine (which I know is totally unrealistic), I am going to post a few of my latest favorite products. These can all be found at your local CVS. Or Eckerd, or wherever you shop ….

1) L’Oreal Skin Genesis Gel Cleanser – I just bought this over the weekend and have found it to be absolutely FANTASTIC!! It is a very lightweight, foamy facial cleanser and it really does help to minimize your pores. After using it, your face feels nice and tight and smells great too! This needs to be on your must try list.
2) Arm & Hammer with Oxiclean – I’ve been using this stuff for the past few months and I highly recommend it. Of course I still use Tide for my regular laundry, but I use this to wash my sheets and towels. It really leaves them extra soft and extra clean.
3) Softlips – I remember using this back in middle school, so I know it has been out for quite a long time. However, I saw it the other day at the store and picked up a pack. The scents (Cherry, Strawberry, Raspberry, and French Vanilla) are just so much better than your normal chapstick and I think it does a better job ad conditioning dry lips than chaptstick.
4) Oil of Olay Regenerist – This moisturizer is FABULOUS. I tend to be pretty picky about my moisturizers, because anything too heavy will make my skin oily. This is actually called a ‘serum’ so it is lighter than most moisturizers. However, it will you the protection you need and will leave your face glowing. You must try this product.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Hope you like this installment of Favorite products. I know I enjoy seeing product recommendations on other blogs that I read, so maybe you will too!


Josh said...

You left off Sweet Tart Rope

Megan said...

okay i LOVE the new "favorite products" segment. it is so great to hear your successes - as we all have to go through so many trial and errors to find the perfect shampoo, moisturizer, facewash, etc.
here is another - John Frieda luxurious VOLUME shampoo and cond. (blue bottle - gold cap). this stuff is GREAT, affordable, and available at the drugstore!

Erin said...

This is a great idea, and so economical -- no more wasting money on products that don't live up to our expectations.

EquisBuffy said...

I have to refill on moisturizer this weekend, I've scraped my current bottle pretty clean. I'm gonna give the oil of olay a try. I'll write back and let you know how I like it. I love this, please, please do more!