Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I think I don't match today ????

I bought these really fun orangey/red tights last winter at H&M and have been waiting for a few weeks now for the right day to pull them out and wear them. Initially I was going to wear them with a black sweater dress, but once I had the outfit on, I thought I looked like a clown. (Ben thought so too) So, I had a sudden inspiration and pulled this dress that I am wearing now out of the closet and put it on over the tights.

When I was driving to work, I looked down at my legs and decided that I probably didn't match.

And here is a closeup. Admittedly, at a very bad angle but you get the jist.

What do yall think?


Rebecca said...

It is your birthday, you can wear what ever the hell you want! Just put on a hat with a big silk flower and pretend you are channeling your inner Blossom. Loved that show.

Josh said...

Blossom?!!? AHAHAH

BWL said...

this would be a perfect addition to the "what not to wear" blog from a few weeks back

the blossom reference is absolutely spot on

I am sure "Six" would love your outfit and Joey would say..."WHOA"

Allison Cressman said...

Even if it doesn't match, you still look great! Happy Birthday!

Team Thompson said...

Damn....Longmire stole my Six comment.

You look like you should be one of Alicia Silverstone's friends in Clueless.

Megan said...

hilarious comments. kat - i am sure you think they are too... :)
i think you look precious! way to try something different. bravo!!