Friday, September 19, 2008

Just Not Today

that is a KC song reference for those of you who don't know ...

sorry there is no longmire update today. ben was scheduled to do a "guest blog" but life got in the way. he was busy last night with a softball game followed by a football game. but don't worry -- he'll make it up next week at some point :)

work is so rough. i am MUGGIN. if you don't know the definition of muggin, please click here!

that's all for now. i'm sure i'll have an adventure or two to share after the weekend.

oh wait. one more note. i just noticed that dooce's latest post is something about obama 08. please disregard that. she is a flaming liberal but a great writer -- read it if you want but skip over the political b.s.


Rebecca said...

Dooce is a great blog, but yes she speaks her political mind a little too mcuh.

Rebecca said...

and I can't spell the word 'much'