Monday, September 22, 2008

Summer is ovah

So today was officially the first day of Autumn. Sad. Seriously, what is good about the end of summer? I guess the one sliver lining to this cloud known as fall is the fact that the new TV season starts soon. Here are all the TV shows I am interested in watching this fall:

Dancing with the Stars
CSI Miami
Lipstick Jungle
Man vs. Wild
Grey’s Anatomy
The Office
CSI (Ben’s favorite)
Desperate Housewives
House Hunters International
Regis & Kelly
Project Runway (this season is almost over, not sure when the new one starts)
Top Chef
The Next Food Network Star

Now, I’m sure that after seeing that list you are thinking “what a loser … who spends that much time watching TV?” Obviously, I am not able to spend 13.5 hours each week watching TV. So some shows will be watched loyally and others will be DVR’d for a rainy day.

With all that said, I need some help. Which shows should go on the “must watch” list, and which ones should take a backseat? Keep in mind that I need a good balance of shows that I watch for myself and also some that Ben and I can watch together (otherwise I won't ever get to use the good TV)

Oh and by the way. Does anyone else think Eva Longoria is prego? She’s got to be ….

*********** I just watched the intro to CSI Miami. All I have to say is that if Horatio is really dead, I will be forced to quit the show. Didn't they see what happened to the O.C. after they killed Marissa off? UGGGGGH


Josh said...

What a loser … who spends that much time watching TV?

I set up my Tivo earlier today.
Office - Always
Boston Legal - Last season
The Menalist - Preview looks OK
Californication - Best on Showtime
Entourage - Who doesn't watch this?
Little Britain USA - Is going to be great
True Blood - Been recording. Haven't watched it yet.
Dexter - Gotta love killers
Life and Times of Tim - HBO Cartoon looks funny. They stole my idea.

jcrick2 said...

I haven't watched CSI yet, you just ruined it. Never reading your blog again!

Rebecca said...

Where's Intervention on that list?

Long live Horatio!

Katie said...

I didn't ruin anything about CSI. Watch the episode.

And yes, intervention needs to be on the must watch list.

EquisBuffy said...

Stock pile all the reality TV, stuff that doesn't require much attention, for the weekend so you can do some laundry or other task while watching.

And you are so not a loser, cause if you are a loser I don't know how you would define me. LOL!!