Sunday, September 14, 2008

I am obsessed ...

If you know me well, you know that I have a severe weakness for anything sweet, particularly cupcakes. So imagine my delight when I found out that there is a new cupcake shop literally three miles from my house! Naturally, I planned my whole Saturday afternoon around going to get some delicious cupcakes.

So it goes something like this: I get up Saturday morning – EARLY – shower, get dressed and set about my errands. I had intended to shop for a few hours, get cupcakes, and pick up lunch for Ben and myself on the way home. Didn’t quite work out this way … I literally could not force myself to drive past the cupcake store on my way to the Banana Republic. Couldn’t do it. Oh well, I’ll just shop after I buy the cupcakes, right? So I spent at least 30 minutes talking to the cashier about all the different flavors and debating which one to buy. Finally, I decide that it wouldn’t be fair to only buy one – the box did hold up to four. As I am paying for them, the lady instructed me not to leave them in my car as the icing would melt. Welp, looks like I won’t be shopping today. I can’t let the icing on my precious cupcakes melt!

I did justify stopping to buy Chick-fil-a on the way home (icing won't melt in the drive-thru). But other than that, all my errands were scrapped. I get them home and promptly inhale two. Before eating lunch. I’m pathetic, I know. So, I decide that the other two will be Ben’s.

It is now Sunday night and I have eaten all four of the cupcakes. Not that I’m a calorie counter or anything, but how many calories can that really be? Like 1000? How long will it take me to work that off?

I am on cupcake probation.


Kimberly said...

Wow! I think there are therapists for that addiction. They are called sugarshrinks.

Josh said...

I like the picture!

Welcome to the blogging world. Don't let this get in the way of your homework though.

Rebecca said...

I'm writing to A&E's Intervention about this right now.

LBC said...

OMG...we must make a cupcake date! :)