Friday, May 8, 2009

Just Stuff

So, I guess I've been pretty quiet on the blog front this week. I just realized that I hadn't updated since Tuesday! Mainly this was due to a lack of internet service at home, but that has also been restored. Also, there have been several things that I've wanted to write about but decided it best not to for one reason or another. Nothing particularly good or bad ... just everyday life things! That is the problem with a non-anonymous blog, I guess.

Soooooo ... I guess I'll talk about something that I do feel comfortable blogging about. Mother's Day is coming up and I still have NO IDEA what to do for my mom. Of course she says "oh just pull weeds in my flower beds for an hour ... that is what I would really like". Riiiiiiiggggghhhht, Mom ... like I'm not going to get you a gift for MDay! (I'll still pull some weeds when I'm out there, Mom) Anyway, she isn't hard to shop for at all but at the same time its hard to find something really special and not cheesy. You can post comments w/ any ideas you may have for her. (Although she does read this blog, so I'm sorry if it ruins any surprises, Mom!)

Another thing that is a safe topic is Ben. I like to pick at him sometimes on this blog, I know. It is very well documented. However, I'd like to take a few minutes to BRAG on him for a change! We both have a tendency to leave things just laying around in the house. You know ... shoes, purses, empty glasses, etc. Not trash or junk or anything its just that neither of us are really good about putting things away right after we're done using them. We've decided that we need to make a contientious effort to keep our house tidy and he is doing SO WELL! Every day when I come home from work, the bed is made up (decorative pillows and all), there are no shoes laying around, no hats, or coats out of place and he's even keeping his bathroom counter cleared off! It seems so silly, but really coming home to a tidy house has made a huge difference in my mood! (Yaaaaay, Brian!)

Did anyone see The Office last night? Cafe Disco. AWE. SOME! It was honestly one of the funnier episodes I've seen in a while. I really wish I could learn to dance like Andy. Is he not the best charachter right now?

Okay. Enough randomness. I'll holler back over the weekend or early next week!


Erin said...

The Office - I think there is definitely some chemistry between Andy and Kelly. I loved their dance-off. I have to admit that I have a bit of a crush on Andy - he is totally my favorite character right now. Love him. And how hilarious was it when Dwight was treating Phyllis like a horse?

BWL said...

See everybody, I'm not just a picky eater that spends all of his time hitting golf balls or telling fish tales, who got attacked by ants, is an eternal optimist, and likes his mom's spaghetti sauce better than his wife's.

I really am good for something!!

AUBS said...

Cafe Disco is my fav!!! love it!

Team Thompson said...

Nard Dog is the best character now. The dance with the chair was outstanding.

EquisBuffy said...

You're right The Office has seemed a little off this season but Thursday's episode was LOL funny.