Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I'm in a very pissy mood today so just bear with me. One of the reasons for my bad mood is that my internet is not working. I HATE YOU O2 SECURE WIRELESS. Seriously, I do.

So anyway I am blogging from my phone now. I'm sure this post will be full of spelling and grammar errors and I'll be lucky if this makes any sense. Don't be rough.

So most everyone here knows that I work for my father in a family business. We go to lunch each day with my cousin and uncle. Sometimes my grandfather will join us if he is around. Anyway, our office is in an area with very few restaurants which means we have a rotation of about 5 different places: Panera, Guthrie's, a BBQ place, a local sandwich shop, and ... ummm..... uh... Well, I guess our rotation only consists of 4 places. That really isn't the point anyway. The point is that we go to the same places each week and we're always together so the people who work at these different resturants pretty much know us and what we tend to order.

For instance, when we all walked into Guthrie's today the ladies who worked there were laughing. Once I told them I wanted a grilled chicken pita, they looked at each other and laughed some more. So, obviously I'm pretty predictable. I go to the same places each week and order the same thing every time. So my question to you is this: is it odd that I go to the same places each week and eat the same things week in, week out? Or is this normal?

I know this post sucks/makes very little sense. Just deal with it. You can blame my interweb provider. (O2 Secure wireless ... they suck).


Mary Beth said...

Not at all. I do the same thing. We have a cafe at my office and I order either 1 of 2 things every time I go even though there are 100s of different things I could get.

Accidentally Me said...

I think everyone has routines like that. It sounds like maybe you have a lot of them, but it is still pretty normal.

Who could possibly think of something new for lunch every day?!?!

Lesley said...

I'm with you...I hate O2 Wireless!!

someplacegood said...

I can totally relate to that. I eat at the same places every week also.

EquisBuffy said...

If I'm not eating at the same place for lunch I'm packing the same ham and cheese sandwich in my brown bag. I do however try to experiment when going out to dinner. The monotonous lunch thing must have something to with our work routines.

Jill said...

No, this is completely normal and fine. If you find something you really like on a menu, why would you try something else?

This blog post reminds me of the Sex and The City episode when Miranda orders Chinese from the same place and orders the same thing all the time. The people at the Chinese restaurant laugh at her. She gets annoyed. Have you seen it?

I just don't get why ordering the same thing is funny?

Wes said...

Well, well, well, EquisBuffy have something in common. I bring my lunch every day, just switch up the sandwich. Ham and cheese, PB&J, tuna salad, egg salad all make the rotation.

If I am eating out for dinner, I more get a craving for a certain type of food and then choose the restaurant that does it best...like Italian, mexican, steak, etc. But, I think everyone has a dish at most restaurants that they get over half the time, rarely branching out.

Hey, at least it isn't pepperoni pizza, lays potato chips, and chicken fingers.