Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The title to this post is VERY misleading. I bet you thought you were going to read some juicy gossip or something! But no, no ... sorry to let you down.

I was perusing the wine section of my local grocery store yesterday and stumbled upon this bottle!

Can you believe they actually have a wine called Bitch?!!? I couldn't resist buying it. The grape is a Grenache, which I don't usually buy because I tend to think it is a little too sweet, but the hilarious, PINK label just jumped out at me so I had to get it.

It is a screw-top too!

I made one of Ben's favorite dinners last night, which meant he wanted to open a bottle of wine. I wouldn't even let him consider opening anything but the Bitch! He found it hilarious as well and obliged my request.

And it actually wasn't that terrible! We referenced the wine-ictionary before drinking and it noted that the grape was grown mainly in France and Spain but this one happened to be Australian. The wine-icitionary also said that it is really more of a wintery wine and should be eaten with rich dishes such as stews. I'm going to have to disagree with that -- it was fairly light and fruity with a hint of spice at the end. (If you are a wine conneseur, you are probably laughing at my tasting notes ... I have zero knowledge!) And for me, this is the perfect summer red wine.

And in other news, I fell asleep before Dancing with the Stars ended but I heard this morning on the radio that Shawn Johnson won!! How adorable is she? I'm so glad she won. Too bad she's too young to celebrate with a glass of bitch :)


EquisBuffy said...

Nice! I'm taking a road trip to Vegas this weekend and planned on stalking up on some liquor. I'll have to add the perfect summer wine to my list.

Tracey said...

Ben loves screw-top wine!!!

BWL said...

i prefer a nice 2007 pinot noir from flash foods gas stations

i love the taste especially coming out of a styrofoam hotel cup, but it really released its full flavors when i decided to abandon cups all together and just drink it out of the bottle

i believe it would score in the high 80s for gas station wines

Katie said...

EquisBuffy - I'm not saying its the best wine ever, but for the price it is decent!

Tracey - Yes he sure does!

BWL - Surprisingly enough, I think I read somewhere that the 2006 scored 90 points on some wine advocate site!

Megan said...

LOVE me some bitch. My Greenville girls and I served it at an engagment shower we hosted and it was a big hit - even the bartenders thought it was hysterical! (PS - total wine sells it for a great price and case discount! ) And i agree - a little sweet - but we ended up drinking it by the fire that night and it was fabulous!

Megan said...

PS - in which grocery store were you when you saw it?