Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Remember how I reported a few weeks ago that I was in the midst of a huge closet clean out? Well, after about 3 weeks I have finally finished the job! It was quite overwhelming. Our master closet is typically the place where we just kinda 'throw' things so it gets pretty messy. As much as I would like to blame Ben for the mess in our closet, its just as much me as it is him. Anyway, here are before and after photos. Can you believe the difference a good spring cleaning makes?? Oh! And as a bonus ... I'm throwing lots of stuff out so there should be a good What Not to Wear post in your near future :)

Oh, and the BEST thing about cleaning out my closet? I found 2 brand-new pairs of summer shoes that I don't even remember buying. Sweeeeet! Here a picture of one of the pairs:

New topic now. Man vs. Wild. Did anyone else hear that Will Ferrell is filming an episode with Bear Grylls? AWE. SOME. Ben and I both love this show despite all the allegations of him sleeping in hotels and staging certain scenes. No doubt he stages stuff. And frankly, I wouldn't spend the night in a forest full of bears either. The man still drinks his own urine and eats bear droppings. He's pretty tough! I'm not sure how Bear got hooked up with Will Ferrell. Will doesn't strike me as the type to do hard-core stuff like climbing waterfalls and eating puff adders but I think we'll definitely put it on the DVR list anyway!

Last new topic .... my desk chair at work has been sitting at the perfect height for a midget for the past several days. (Not sure why it was adjusted) And I've JUST NOW figured out how to raise it! Yaay! I feel like a brand new person now.


Kimberly said...

Looks good! Love the new shoes too!

EquisBuffy said...

I love going shopping in my own closet. I did this a few weeks ago and discovered a few tops that I've worn maybe once. You just get so use to the usual it's easy to push good stuff to the back.

Erin said...

I think I need FEMA to overhaul my closet. I don't even know where to start.