Friday, October 26, 2012


We've suspected for quite some time that Wyatt was going to be left handed.  His Pediatrician told me that hand dominance wasn't really decided until age 2-3 although I don't really agree with that - he's always favored his left hand.

Thankfully, Ben is left handed as well so he will be able to show him how to hold a pencil, cut with scissors (btw -- thanks Meme for buying him some lefty safety scissors :), throw a rock ball, swing a bat etc. 

But those are the dad jobs.  I think as far as the mom-things goes, I've already screwed him up.  When I was showing him how to use a fork, I'm pretty sure I had a tendency to guide him w/ his right hand.  When I set his bowl of yogurt by his plate, I put it on the right-hand side ... because that is just so natural to me.  Often times he picks up food w/ his right had - probably because that is what I've encouraged without thinking. I'm sure there are other examples but those are the ones that come to mind right away. 

So ... a pat on the back for me, right?  I've already managed to screw up my child by age 2.

But, he's a smart kid ... he'll figure it out and so will we. 

Also, I have tell a funny story that I definitely don't want to forget.  He can now sing his ABC's .... not perfectly but he's got the majority of the song.  I discovered this one afternoon when Ben was out of town.  We were playing outside and Wyatt suddenly started singing.  He did it again and again - I was so proud of him!  So, when Ben got home last night he of course wanted to see it for himself.

We were sitting on the bed in our room and Wyatt started singing.  Then mid-song he looked over at Ben's nightstand and saw one of his police cars ... so this was how the song went.

"A B C D E F G, H I J K L M .... oooh! police car!"  And just like that, he got derailed.  Hilarious!


kindredly said...

I'm a lefty too! I write and eat left handed. I'm a righty the rest of the time.

BWL said...

1st: Lefties are allsome.

2nd: You didn't screw him up. He needs to be able to use both hands well or he will never be able to shake and bake defenders with that mean crossover dribble I will teach him on down the road.