Monday, October 22, 2012

Burt's Pumpkin Farm

I'm skipping back to Apple/Pumpkin weekend again but I think I might continue documenting my dinners.  Especially the ones that I really like so I'll have a reference for a week when I'm in a food-rut!

After a full day on Saturday at the Apple orchards, the kids were so tired!  Wyatt slept in until about 8:15 that next morning which is EXTREMELY unusual for him.  I'm glad he got the rest he needed, but it did derail our plans of being at Burt's right around the time they opened! 

We took this pic at the cabin right before we left.  They loved the bear!

We got there to find a  packed house, but we still managed to get a few pictures without a million people in the background.

One of my favorite pictures of Wyatt ever is of him in this very same pumpkin patch last year.  He has the sweetest smile so I was determined to get another one this year.  I (quickly) resorted to bribery -- a smile earns a skittle.  We went through A LOT of skittles that day, but totally worth it!

We tried and tried and tried to get meme and papa with all 3 kids.  I think this picture turned out pretty good!

I love this one of Ben and Wyatt.  I think this smile was the result of being tickled + the promise of candy but hey .... whatever works, right?

We had to do the usual wheelbarrow picture.  I like how this one turned out of the 3 of us!

And 3 kids in the wheel barrow of course ....

We took pictures and looked at pumpkins for a while and then got tickets for the hay ride.  Since we had 6 adults with us this year, we were able to let the kids run around a little while a few people held our spot in the (very long) line.

Finally it was our turn.  Wyatt was SO EXCITED about this hay ride. He loves tractors and really all vehicles so this was just right up his alley. One of his favorite things to say is "big rock down there, tree" (he means that there is a big rock, down there by the tree).  I think that is what he and Ben were looking at in this picture!

Meme and Papa

Family photo ... love this one!

After the hay ride, we were all hungry and tired so we all picked out pumpkins and left with our haul.  Can you believe all these pumpkins?  I don't even think this picture includes the ones Kimmie and Dave got.  We've all clearly bought into this pumpkin craze of late!

It was a fun weekend and we can't wait to do it again next year! 

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Michelle said...

You got so many awesome pics. I love the pic of the three of ya'll with the wheelbarrow! :)