Friday, November 9, 2012

Halloween 2012

I'm late on this post mostly because my little model didn't want to pose for pictures when we got him all dressed for trick or treating.  I've been meaning to put his costume back on and take more but that hasn't happened yet so what I have will have to do.

We've dressed Wyatt up the last two years and actually taken him to our next door neighbor's house both years just for photo purposes.  But this year, he actually understood that he was getting dressed up as a cowboy and going out "treating" (as he calls it).  He knew that "treating" meant getting candy so he was certainly excited.

I felt so fortunate to get a hearty dinner in his belly before he went out to get all sugared up.  After dinner I got him dressed and worked on taking a few pictures.

We went with Wyatt's little girlfriend, Leah, and her parents. Aren't these two sweet??

We just hit a handful of houses, mostly those of our dinner club friends.  The kids loved every second of it! 

Isn't this the life?  Riding around the neighborhood eating candy.  I'd love this.  Except replace that candy with wine :)

 It takes longer than you would think to trick-or-treat with a 2 year old, but definitely a fun night!  (Wyatt asked me the next day if we were going "treating" again!)

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Mrs in Training said...

Oh my goodness, that hat - SO cute!!

PS your captcha comment thing is tricky...unless you get a ton of spammers, might be worth disabling! xo