Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hillcrest Orchards 2012

I'm severely behind on the blog, but we've had a lot going on recently.

A few weekends ago we did a Burkett family weekend up in Ellijay, GA.  My parents rented a little cabin where we stayed and we spent one day at Hillcrest Orchards and the next at Burt's Pumpkin farm.  While my favorite of the 2 was Burt's, I think the kids actually enjoyed Hillcrest more.

Warning:  I'm about to dump about 13 million pictures in this post! Sorry :)

We all went up to the cabin Friday night and the kids enjoyed exploring the cabin a little bit before bed.

Saturday morning we were up extra early .... late bedtimes do none of us any favors! Mom cooked Wyatt and Ben's favorite breakfast - pancakes and bacon and we all got ready for the day.

We did take some Christmas card pictures but I can't share those yet!
Ben headed out to do a little fishing on the Coosawattee River while we headed out to the orchards.

We thought this wagon would be great for the kids to ride in, but Ellie is the only one who actually used it much.

We started out at the jumpy place.

Wyatt quickly got bored with that and went to "ride" all the tractors.  He was slightly disappointed that they didn't make noise!

Then we rode the tricycles.

Then the petting zoo.  The kids all loved this!  Wyatt was mostly interested in the kin-kins (chickens).

Then the slides.  We stayed there for a while and I think Kimmie and I both had to bless out a gaggle of little bullies.  I have very few playground experiences where I don't have to go all Momma-Bear on some little s*&t!

Then we sat on the bull.  I think the bull-man thought I E's and W's mom because he asked me if i wanted to get on the bull with them.  So I did!

Then they rode little ponies.  Wyatt LOVES horses and I believe this was one of the many highlights of the day for him!

Dad spent much of the day toting Wyatt around.  And Ellie too .... sometimes at the same time!

We took a quick snack/lunch break

Then we went to the orchard.  Wyatt must have eaten 3 apples straight off the trees!  (I did try to catch him in order to clean the pesticides off best I could ... wasn't 100% successful though)

Then we ran.  If you wonder what my life is like on the daily, this is a good idea!  Except replace the grass in this picture with a street.  And replace my smile with a scowl and me yelling  "JACKSON WYATT YOU BETTER STOP RIGHT NOW!"  This is a much nicer picture!

Then we ran some more!

We did manage to stop all the shenanigans for a minute or two to get a picture of Mom and Dad with all 3 grandkids.

The kids were all tired and it was way past nap time, but we had promised Wyatt a tractor ride so we stayed to do that. 

After a stop in the store for apples, etc we peaced out ...

Wyatt fell asleep with Dad holding him and WOULD NOT let us lay him down in the wagon so dad had to tote him all the way to the car!  (And he wondered why he was sore the next day)

We got back to the cabin and explored a little bit.

 Here is a glimpse of what the fisherman was doing.  I think he expected to catch trout, not Bass, but nonetheless it was a successful fishing day. 

 We roasted marshmallows.  (BTW ... marshmallows and beer??  not a very tasty combo)

 We sat on the swing (and ate more marshmallows)

 And ran some more

And threw rocks into the stream

 After a quick dinner we came back and got the kids ready for bed.  How cute are their matching Halloween PJ's???

What a fun day in North Georgia!!

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Rosemary said...

Those pictures are just adorable - all their clothes are so cute. I can't believe how different Garrett now looks - he's the cutest little boy! And Ellie looks like she takes care of everyone...what a fun weekend!