Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fun Weeknight Dinners

When Ben is away for the night (he travels for work on occasion), things get pretty wild round' my house!  Wyatt goes to bed pretty early so when Ben is gone, I have free reign of the house from about 7:15 or so.  And let me tell you ... things get crazy.  I usually cook something really fun (a.k.a. ben won't like) for my dinner and enjoy my food and a glass of wine while catching up on my twitter feed.  After dinner, I go upstairs ... watch something awesome (a.k.a. terrible) on TV, and go to bed early.  Usually before 9!  Oh and I also turn the temperature in the house waaaaaaay above what Ben would consider acceptable.

Anyway, here are some of the fun meals I've had recently.  These are the nights when I typically try out my Pinterest recipes!
Orchard Turkey Burgers topped with melty Gouda and  a side of Roasted Brussels Sprouts.  Washed down with Kennebunkport Pumpkin Ale YUM!  (Actually the pumpkin ale was just okay)

My recipe made 4 turkey burgers, so I attempted to feed one to Wyatt the following night. (He thought it was poison)  and then I re-purposed another for this fan-freaking-tastic meal.  Gouda-topped orchard turkey burger on whole wheat truffled toast; roasted asparagus with Himalayan sea salt, and whole-wheat couscous.  And another KBP Pumpkin Ale OMG.  I'm making that again fo-shizzy.

Turkey-Pesto meatballs on top of roasted spaghetti squash and a side of lemony roasted broccoli.   Originally, I had made these meatballs for Wyatt, but like turkey burgers, these things are poison.  (And I officially concede:  the kid won't eat turkey in any form)

This Chicken Tetrazzini wasn't quite health food, but it was delicious.  (Guess who wouldn't touch theirs though?  Like many things I attempt to feed him ... spaghetti noodles are poison.  He wanted "different" noodles) I didn't buy fresh Brussels sprouts b/c I'd discovered a stash in my freezer.  However, I'm officially swearing off frozen Brussels sprouts --- fresh really does taste infinitely better! 

And, on nights when Ben is home this is a more accurate picture of how we eat!  Smoked Chicken Wings and (frozen) french fries!  The wings were amazing (and actually healthy since they weren't fried) but the fries ... notsomuch.  I struggle w/ frozen fries!

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Mrs in Training said...

Can I come to your house for dinner? All of those look AMAZING, and I have such a thing for brussel sprouts. Yummm.