Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Memorial Weekend at the Lake

I do love a long lake weekend.  Its just so nice to have 3 mornings to relax and enjoy coffee, not have to have a schedule, and not worrying with fixing my  hair and makeup. 

Wyatt was at Meme's on Friday, so after lunch I went over to her house and the 3 of us headed up to the lake.  Ben and My dad both came up later that night after work.  We didn't do a whole lot Friday other than get in and get settled, so Saturday is when the real fun began!

I think I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking from here on out ....

I already covered Birthday Party # 573, but here it is again. 
 We went for a few boat rides ...
 Wyatt enjoyed his very first Sea Doo ride.  (Although he calls it a "water quey" a.k.a. motorcycle)
We also took plenty of Kubota rides.  Wyatt even got to drive some on Friday evening ... but I don't have those pictures :(

Someone refused to look at the camera or smile for photos
 That same someone helped Papa drive the boat
 This is the only way we could get him to smile/look for a picture with his Daddy!
 He fished with Meme
 I don't like to name names, but someone got a funny sunburn ....
 We took cousin pictures.  2 smiling ... 1 not smiling.  There were trucks that needed to be pushed around and he didn't have time to crack a smile!

He practiced driving the boat (while it was docked)

 We played around on the dock
 We headed home after lunch on Monday.  (Notice my purdy hydrangeas ....)

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meg williams said...

cute pictures! love ben's sunburn pic...wyatt is growing up so fast!!! miss yall and want to get together soon!