Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Amelia Island Vacation

I'm not sure where to start here ... this is going to be a pretty long post!

We spent the last week in Amelia Island with my whole family -- except for Ben :(  We all missed having him there, but duty calls so he didn't get to join us.

One of Wyatt's favorite activities as of late is jumping on the bed.  So naturally there was a lot of that taking place throughout the week.  As you can see, Ellie played right along!

We played on the beach

built sand castles

ate beach snacks

and also suckers

walked on the beach

ran down the boardwalk (this was after dinner one night while we were waiting to get the check.  wyatt made friends with every. single. person. around -- as we were walking back down the board walk to leave i must have heard "bye wyatt" at least 12 times! he makes friends with everyone ... just like his daddy)

we collected shells (and every shell is a big shell)

searched for turtles

walked on the beach more

got really sandy

wrote our names in the sand 

posed (reluctantly) for tree pictures

looked at the waves with meme

pushed big trucks around on the beach

played with the water hose

refused to cooperate for meme's pictures

ate ice cream

and caught really big snapper!  (The fisherman put this on his website.  I told dad he's as famous as I am!)


meg williams said...

love these! have been stalking the blog waiting to see your beach pics and they did not disappoint! wyatt is adorable and so is his mommy!

Julie said...

I love all the pictures! So glad u guys had a wonderful vacation. W is adorable!