Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I definitely do not have a green thumb.  At all.  As I've mentioned before I have 3 live plants in my house and its all I can do to keep those alive (actually, the one I replace every 6 months is in need of replacing now).  But, BUT, BUT ... when I do have gardening successes you can bet that I'm going to show them off!

So, this spring when I was at Pike's picking out stuff for my front and back planters, I also picked up a couple of tomato plants just for fun.  I came home, put everything in my planters, and then planted both tomato plants in 12 inch pots.  They sat like this for a good few weeks until Mom finally had the grace to tell me that I really needed whiskey barrels.  But, stunted growth be damned, they are flourishing right now!!  We water every day and Wyatt tries to pull each and every "big ah-ma-mo" off the vine.

Look at these puppies!!! They're huge! Even Ben says he'll eat our home-grown tomatoes once they ripen.
These are the planters I mentioned.  This guy was near-death after I returned from Memorial Day weekend at the lake and it didn't get water for 3 days but I nursed it back to life!!
However, my proudest gardening accomplishment of 2012 is my sunflowers.  Look at this dude about to open .... the anticipation is killing you, right??

Here he is along with a couple friends a few days later.

Last night I was out watering and discovered that several of those sunflowers have multiple heads.  This is so much fun!!! I don't think you can really see well in this picture, but there is another little head about to bloom near that leaf.  Its such a happy little flower, isn't it?
I think you can surmise based on the empty space in my garden that I've no clue what I am doing.  I planted the sunflower seeds and then just got overwhelmed and didn't know what else to plant.  At first I wanted different flowers all summer.  Then I wanted things blooming spring-summer-fall.  Then I got all confused about how tall things were and the color wheel and all that stuff. Sooooooo I'm left with a lot of empty space.

I'll tend to that next year, I suppose.  Anyone want to draw up a plan for me though??

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kindredly said...

your sunflowers are gorgeous! JG got a little OOC with the planting this year. We have about 85 pots filled with random flowers in addition to one humongous tomato plant that just can't seem to produce a tomato (it's killing JG - he's very defensive about it). I can't decide if our yard looks summery and pretty or too much. Probably too much.