Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We've been celebrating Halloween all month long at our house!  There is entirely too much candy laying around, and of course Wyatt has been rocking his bat, spider, and pumpkin t-shirts all month long! 

We saw a cute fisherman costume in a magazine and decided to order it for him.  I'll never make the mistake of ordering a costume from a catalogue again, as I didn't really think much of it when it arrived.  However, in true Meme fashion, she churched the costume up a bit and it really did end up looking cute! 

Of  course right here he looks a little more like a farmer than a fisherman as he goes to pull some of the chard up from my planter!

I realize that Wyatt is too young to understand trick-or treating, but he definitely does understand the word "candy".  He really enjoyed taking candy out of one bucket and putting it into another.  He would of course stop from time to time and ask me to open things for him.

We couldn't resist the opportunity for a few pictures and took him to just 2 neighbor's houses.  He was funny, because after they gave him candy and we were standing there talking to them for a minute he started asking for more!  I think we'll have to make sure we work on our manners next year when he understands the whole concept a little bit better.  
This is maybe my favorite picture of the whole night -- of course my butt is right in the shot.  Guess I can crop it out?

After we got home and bathed him, we put him in his spooky pajamas (thanks Susan & Al!!) and posed for a quick picture before bed.  He had a great Halloween and I think next year will be even more fun for him!

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