Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Day in Pictures

So I did this last year about this same time.  Its just fun (for me) to look back months from now and see what a typical weekend is like for us with Wyatt!   I have been wanting to do this for a few weeks now, but then when a friend asked me what I was doing and I told her my weekend plans her response was "you have such a hard life".  The truth is that i don't, BUT it isn't as easy-peasy as one might thing given that there's a little toddler in tow with me ....

So here goes.

4:00 - Ben leaves to go to work :(  They have a concrete pour and a call time of 4:30 am.  

6:30 - Wyatt wakes up and we play in his room for a little while.  Even though he is awake, he doesn't necessarily want to get out of bed right away.  So I usually go in and play with him in his crib for a little bit.

7:15 - We head downstairs for breakfast. Our typical weekend fare is waffles, cereal bar, and milk.  W refuses fruit in the morning so I don't even bother anymore.  I usually have my coffee while he eats and after he's done I make my own breakfast. 

8:00 - Daddy comes home from work!  He's tired, but plays with W for a few minutes before changing and leaving for golf.

8:30 - We go upstairs to play for a little while and then get dressed to run some errands.

9:30 - We were almost ready to walk out the door, and I turned my back on Wyatt for just a second to find this.  Apparently he saw his snack trap on the counter and decided he needed it right then! (Oh and the spoons and potholders all over the floor?  That is our norm)

9:35 - We're off!  First stop is the embroidery place.  They're closed?  On a Saturday.  How am I to work with this?

9:45 - We get to Old Navy (told yall I would be going!).  They don't open until 10.  Ugh.  Retailers really need to get with the program -- for people with small kids, 10am is pretty much afternoon!  I decided I didn't want to wait in the car for 15 minutes so we headed to Target.

10:00 - I did successfully made my return at Target (that is never a given -- they have a pretty tough return/exchange policy).  Then I promised Wyatt a toy for letting me shop.  I told him I'd buy him a car, but he found this baby Elmo that he just HAD to have.  He's been toting him around ever since so I guess it was a good purchase.

10:35 - we're back at Old Navy.  Wyatt was SO GOOD!  He ate snacks while I shopped and even played in the dressing room mirror when I was trying on clothes. 

11:15 - We leave ON.  I thought about going to chick-fil-a for lunch, but I decided we were probably better off just to go home so we did.

11:30 - We're back home and I start unloading the car.  Wyatt's new favorite activity is to climb in and around my car after we're home.  He likes to 'drive' and play with the radio!

12:00 - Wyatt eats lunch.  Sorta

12:20 - I put W down for nap.  He's tired so I hope he sleeps well.  After I know he's asleep I shower, dry my  hair, vacuum the house, do a load of laundry, eat lunch, paint my nails and sit down to catch up on DVR.

2:00 - of course he wakes up right as I turn on the latest episode of DC Cupcakes.  That show is starting to annoy me anyway so its probably for the best that he woke up.  I went in there and watched him play in his crib for a while before finally agreeing to get out.

3:00 - afternoon snack. then he decides he wants to help me sweep the kitchen.  this kid LOVES the broom!

4:00 - We go upstairs and play in his room, the media room, my room.  All over the house basically.  Wyatt took a couple short trips to time out.

I stopped taking pictures at this point.  But, at 5:00 I fed him dinner then we went upstairs so that I could fix my hair and makeup before we went to our dinner club.  I got myself dressed, got W into his pj's, and ready for bed before the sitter came. 

I have no pictures of Ben and I from before the dinner, but have to share this you tube video taken at the very end of the evening.  Ben wasn't ready to go home yet .... (fast forward to about 48 seconds)


Michelle said...

Haha- okay, love that you did all of the errands that morning THEN showered after getting home. Ahhh, the life of a mom. Also, the picture of Wyatt in time out makes me laugh. :)

Michelle said...

Also- what kind of Elmo is that? Emma LOVES Elmo, and we tried finding a stuffed one at our Target this weekend for her to tote around and couldn't find anything other than the singing ones.

Julie and Scott Cooper said...

Loved your day in pictures! It will be so nice to look back on since "stages" and days fly by so quickly! Wyatt is adorable! Hope to see you guys soon!

The Slyes - Aubrey, David, and Harrison said...

Hilarious!!! Love the time out picture! Such a great recap of an exhausting day! Good mama!!

Sarah said...

I like your day in pictures! I want to do the same, but I would have no where to post it...scrapbook maybe? That video was pretty awesome too...