Friday, January 27, 2012

Wants and Wishes!

So, I shop at Old Navy.  A lot.  Is that uncool?  Probably so, but I don't really care.  I often don't have much time to shop and ON is very close to my house and as long as Wyatt has ample snacks he will normally let me shop for a few minutes.  Also, it is rare when I have to wear anything very fancy, so for the most part ON just suits my lifestyle.    

All that said, I normally just buy staples there -- you know .... t-shirts, cardigans, etc.  But I went in the other day and found the CUTEST printed blouses.  (Does that word irk anyone besides me? I feel like that is a very old-fashioned word to use) I only bought a couple of them, but I'm going back for more - they are just so cute and springy.  They must have hired new designers or something, because there are a million things that I want right now ...

I love this butterfly dress.   I'm not sure how it will look in person though.  That white may be too sheer for me.

Both of these tops are great for summer -- and I could even wear to work with a cardigan. 

I love this dress.  With a yellow or hot pink cardigan?  Soooo cute

Love this one too.  This one is good for early spring when you still might want something on your arms.

 And also this one!

Wouldn't this top be cute with white pants or capris? 
This one would as well.  I think I could maybe pair it with jeans too.
I got this one.  LOVE the birds!!  They have a white one like this as well, which is also adorable. 

They had some cute shirts this fall, too, which I bought only one of and I wear ALL THE TIME!   Love all this stuff.  I sure hope W is in a shopping mood this weekend, because I'm going to load up! 


Sarah said...

These are so cute! I might be visiting Old Navy this weekend as well... :)

Accidentally Me said...

I LOVE Old Navy, and buy a grossly large portion of my clothing there (including lots of jeans from the little boys section...sshhhh!). And I buy tons of the girls' stuff there as well.

I have always had pretty good luck with all of their stuff, with the caveat that it tends to wear out really fast...whatever, when I buy a shirt for $9, I am not going to argue when it fades:-)

Erin said...

Love this post! Nothing better than bargain shopping.

Julie said...

Love it! I think I need to check out the maternity section!