Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Year's Eve 2011

I suppose I'm a little late on this, buuuuut better late than never!!!

We went up to Charlotte for New Year's Eve this year.  There was a huge group of us all going up to see the Dunaways and the guys all wanted to go and see Widespread Panic while the girls opted to stay home and cook a nice dinner and drink champagne.  One of my criteria for NYE was that I wasn't leaving Wyatt, so we took him with us.

We really wanted to get a picture of the kids in their 'Happy New Year' hats, but someone wasn't very cooperative ....

See that sweet cooperative baby?  Yeah, she is so well behaved that her parents took her all the way to Australia with them a few days later!  (I think the badger would probably make it through that flight but he would likely give Ben and I heart attacks)

This ended up being the best photo of Wyatt and Anna that we could get.

We didn't get a group picture of the guys, but we did get this one of the girls prior to them leaving.  (minus Sheri ... she wasn't there yet)

And the closest we got to a family picture was one of me and Wyatt (kindof) and one of Ben and Wyatt.  Ha! 

Oh.  Can we please talk about Ben's mustache for a second .... this was just for fun for the concert!  He doesn't leave it like that in real life!  (I didn't really want him to do it this way even for the concert, but then I got accused of being the 'fun police')

Once the guys left and the babies went to bed, we got started cooking our fancy dinner!  Actually, if I'm telling the truth, Sarah and I relaxed and ate appetizers while Sheri, Ashley, and Becky did the cooking.  And if memory serves me correct, Sarah set the table so really I just sat and did nothing.  Thanks girls :)

After dinner, Becky busted out Big Carl.  (Isn't that the name of the huge wine glass on Cougar Town?)

From there, things just got plum silly.

Even Elmo stayed up to have fun with us!!

After the guys got home, they all took a turn with Big Carl too!

It was a fun NYE!  Thanks for having us up to Charlotte, Dunaways!

And, because I can't resist sharing ... I took this on the car ride home.  Wyatt LOVES his sunglasses (as well as his pacis)!

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Sarah said...

Fun times! That dinner was so delicious! You're right that all of the credit goes to Sheri, Becky, and Ashley. I like the photo montage of all of our "silliness." And I really like the new blog design as well! I am not sure how long it has looked like that because I often read it through google reader.