Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tracey's Bachelorette Party

This past weekend, several girls traveled down to Cancun for Tracey's Bachelorette Party!  We had booked this trip back in August, so its been a long time coming.  Also, I have to give a HUGE thanks to Ben who kept Wyatt by himself all weekend.  (I'm pretty sure he was exhausted by the end)

Becky, Tracey, Erin, and I flew in from Atlanta and ended up meeting Mary Beth and Sarah at the airport in Cancun.  Let me tell you something about customs at the Air Tran terminal in Mexico:  they are efficient!  Seriously!  They  have done extensive studies in queuing, and have found that the best approach to a mass of people is to let them stand in one big herd and fend for themselves.  Mexican Queuing Theory - I remember reading all about it in my operations management books in grad school.  Am I taking this too far?  Probably so, but seriously, I believe we actually spent less time in the airplane than we did in that line.  You can sorta see the herd of people in the background of this picture!

Once we met MB and Sarah, we got on our little shuttle bus and headed over to our resort! 

Another thing about Customs/Immigration in Mexico? They don't feed you lunch while you're waiting in line!  Therefore, once we got to the resort and checked in we literally threw our bags down in the room and went to have lunch by the pool.

After lunch it was a bit overcast, so we just wandered around the resort for a bit and took some pictures.

It looked like it was clearing up, so we went to our rooms and changed and went to the beach side restaurant for a snack and drinks. 

 That evening, we all got gussied up for drinks and dinner.  Hilariously enough, the beach side restaurant where we had afternoon snacks and drinks was called Pina Colada by day and La Deva by night.  They did have a different menu and the most delicious fried ice cream that I've ever had! 

After dinner, some went to bed (it had been a long day) while MB, Tracey and I went to the hotel lobby for drinks. 
Saturday morning, we slept in late (well, late by my definition), had a leisurely breakfast and headed down to the beach to relax!  The weather seemed to be perfect - a little overcast so it wasn't too hot, but still nice enough to relax outside and read. 
Around lunchtime, it started to look like it was going to rain so we went back to the beach side restaurant for lunch.  It did rain so we ended up spending quite a while there just chatting and having fun. Here is our crazy bachelorette drinking green tea!!  We're a wild bunch, I tell ya!

The afternoon turned out to be pretty rainy, so we just kinda hung out until it was time to get ready for Tracey's lingerie shower and dinner.  We did make her dress up in silly bachelorette stuff, of course!
I wanted to get a group picture before or after dinner.  Buuuuut someone couldn't hang (no names mentioned, Becky) so we did not.  We did however, have a wonderful Italian meal and quite a bit of wine ....

We took it back to the lobby bar after dinner and unfortunately the only  picture I took was of this Mexican Wrestler.  I wanted to get a picture of his face, but didn't want to be too obvious! 

Sunday was a short day, as we had to leave around lunch time so we all got up ate a quick breakfast and went outside to enjoy the weather for a while before leaving.  Oh! And we also met a new friend!!  (thisiguanadontcare)
We took a few more pictures on the beach before it was time to get ready to leave.  It was a quick trip, but such a great time with girlfriends and of course we all enjoyed celebrating Tracey's upcoming wedding!  


Sarah said...

Looks like fun! I'm jealous of the beach and sun!

Julie said...

I hate that I missed it- so glad you all had a great time!