Monday, September 12, 2011

Monterey - Day 3

What day are we on?  Saturday, I believe.

So, the guys had another round of golf scheduled at Spanish Bay and the girls had spa appointments at Bernardus out in Carmel Valley.  We actually had a pretty laid back morning - slept (relatively) late and got up in time for Burke to whomp us up a fantastic steak and egg and veggie breakfast.  After breakfast, Carrie, Becky and I walked down to see the seals and to see Cannery Row.

Those seals STINK so badly, but it was neat to see so many of them hanging out on the beach.  Its hard to tell in my pictures but there were a bunch of them swimming and playing in the water as well.

After the seals, we kept walking a bit over to Cannery Row.  It is VERY touristy, but still a must see when you're in Monterey.  Carrie pointed out some tasting rooms that she wanted to take us to, and we shopped a little for souvenirs for Wyatt.  And of course, we had to pose for a few pictures.

Meanwhile, the guys went off to Spanish Bay.  I believe this picture was taken before they teed off.

We didn't get to see any of this course, but based on the pictures it looks pretty picturesque just as Pebble Beach was.  There were also deer.

Lots of deer.  And they don't care - they don't move out of the way for some silly little golfers ...

After our walk on Cannery Row, we headed out to Carmel Valley to the Bernardus Spa.  I would say that when we left Pacific Grove, it was in the highish 60's and we drove about 10 miles away to Carmel Valley where it was mid-70's.  Crazy.  Anyway, we all 3 had fantastic massages.  A super sweet lady named Robin (Do you smell my sarcasm?  Robin was a lot of things but she wasn't super sweet) helped us out after the massage and ordered our lunch to be served poolside.  I think we're still waiting on this food to be delivered, aren't we girls?

Since we didn't really have any plans for the afternoon and we knew the guys would be tied up golfing, we took the opportunity to just lounge at the pool all afternoon.  It was perrrrrfect!

We then got showered and dressed for the evening and headed back down to Pebble Beach/Spanish Bay to meet the guys at a bar to watch some college football and have a little dinner. 

We arrived just in time for the bagpiper.  Pretty awesome.

It was a fun day, we didn't do a whole lot that night except drink wine which led to a hilarious game of Taboo. 


Sarah said...

This trip looks awesome! It is giving me the travel itch...especially the travel-to-California itch!

You girls look great, and I am looking forward to the next installment!

PS - How much did you miss Wyatt??

Katie said...

It was fabulous! We had a great time - but we did miss Wyatt a TON. That was the longest either of us had ever been away from him so that part was a little tough. I don't think he missed us one bit though...

BWL said...

The game of Taboo could be an entire blog itself.

Katie said...

It could if anyone had any recollection of the specifics ....