Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend - Part I

Last Wednesday, Ben and I flew out to Monterey to meet the Dunaways and visit with Carrie and Burke.  They really planned a full, and fun long weekend so that means this will be a 4-part blog!  I've got LOTS and lots and lots of pictures to share.  We all got in pretty late to Monterey, but Carrie and Burke came to the airport to pick us up.  It was late, but we were all excited so we stayed up and had a drink and chatted for a bit before getting some rest before our first big day.

Burke was able to book a tee-time for the guys at Pebble Beach for Thursday afternoon, and this luckily coincided with the girls spa appointments.  We kicked off the morning with a little breakfast at Carrie and Burke's house - do you think these guys look excited?
We then took our time getting ready and heading over to the lodge to have lunch and relax a bit before the golf started up.  We had lunch at The Tap Room at the lodge and then headed out for our facials at the spa while the guys warmed up. 

Um, the Pebble Beach spa ...... UHH-MAZE-ING.  I'm not really a spa rat, so I don't have much to compare it to but it was really pretty awesome.  The girls had facials and then we ended up finishing in time to go back to meet the guys before they teed off.

Of course, I took my camera!  We all ended up walking the first few holes with the guys, which was fun.  It really is neat to see such a historic and beautiful golf course. I thought the deer on the course were hilarious -- apparently they are NOT afraid of people!

He's about to make that ball his b*$&h!
 After walking a few holes, Carrie and I decided to peel off and go back to enjoy all the spa amenities.  Becky stayed with the guys and walked the whole time, so we got some awesome pictures thanks to her!

As much as I might have liked, I obviously didn't take any pictures inside the spa (except one that I snuck with my iphone).  But ... let me just say that there was a warm room, comfortable chairs and blankets, a fire, and some fun spa snacks involved.  And of course that put me riiight to sleep ... very relaxing!
Mmmmm ... spa snack!
 The guys had a great time ... I think I'll just let the pictures do all the talking, how about that?

Carrie and I finished up at the spa, and got dressed just in time to see the guys coming off 18.  Can you tell it was a great round?

After golf, we headed back to Carrie and Burke's house to get dressed for dinner.  We went to the cutest little restaurant called the Red House, which was literally just up the street from Carrie's house in Pacific Grove.  It was a very fun evening and a fantastic meal.  (Well, fun until everyone thought it would be cool to lock me in the bathroom.  Glad I could give them all a good laugh :)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, this little guy was well taken care of!!  Doesn't he look like he's having a great time???


BWL said...

Time with great friends helps fuel everyday life. Time with a great wife helps fuel a healthy marriage. Coming home to a great kid is the icing on top.

Gotta give a shoutout to Meme and Papa and Aunt Kimmie and Dave for taking good care of Boog. Can't thank y'all enough.

Looking forward to the next 3 installments. Word on the street is the super sweet blawg may make an appearance as well to talk about the trip.

Julie said...

What fun! The pics are great. Can't wait to see the next 3 posts!

Unknown said...

Love all the pictures...especially the group shot at Red House Cafe. That place is so good! I could go for another nap with that warm blanket at the Pebble Beach Spa.

The McCorveys said...

OMG KATIE!!! I LOVE the Red House!! We used to live in PG while taking our German course and would walk to there...yum!! Glad you had a good time out there.

Katie said...

Alie, it was sooooo good! I forgot that yall had lived out there for a little while -- such a cute little town and literally every meal was excellent.

Becky said...

"lock her in the bathroom" WWBBD?

Katie said...

hahah. at least you admitted to it when i came out!