Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Apple Pickin'

This past weekend, we headed up to Ellijay, Georgia with my family to go apple picking.  This is a tradition started by my parents and sister/Dave but Ben and I have always had a conflict whenever they went in the past.  Soooo, now that Wyatt is old enough to enjoy this type activity they made sure to plan around us being able to attend.

Apparently there are several orchards up in Ellijay and we went to Hillcrest.  There was much more to this place than an apple orchard -- petting zoo, tractor rides, etc.

When you walk into the place, its kinda kitchy, but they did have a bunch of old antique tractors that are there for kids to climb on and take pictures, I suppose.  Wyatt LOVED this blue tractor because he could reach the wheel!  He was a little overwhelmed by everything at first, but really enjoyed sitting on this tractor and posing for pictures.

We also posed for the obligatory family picture in the wagon. 

Then it was off to the petting zoo.  As you can see, Wyatt wasn't quite sure what to think of all the animals.  All he wanted to do is run around!

After the petting zoo, we tried out the slide.  Wyatt didn't really care about this one way or the other but Ellie sure did!

At this point *someone* in our group was just famished so we took a lunch break.  (I'm not going to name names here, but I'll give you one hint that it wasn't one of the babies ...)

After lunch we walked around the orchard for a bit until it was time for the pig races. Yes.  You read that correctly.

Then, Wyatt discovered a new escape route from his stroller!  Guess we can't be so lax anymore about buckling him in.

We went on a little tractor ride all around the orchard, which I was nervous about because Wyatt doesn't really like being held in my lap -- he wants to run.

Despite my concerns, he was very happy during the ride especially when Meme started making him laugh.  (Who knew, saying "e-i-e-i-o" was so funny ...)

After the tractor ride, it was well past W's naptime so we walked around the orchard a little more and let him play. (Rereading that sentence, it makes zero sense!  But, generally if he is outside and running around he's happy even if he is sleepy)

He was so happy running around and picking up "balls"

It was a fun day, but at this point it was well past nap time and we loaded up the car to go home.

Wyatt was zonked before we pulled out of the parking lot!


The McCorveys said...

Hey Katie! Where did you get that paci holder for Wyatt (in the last picture). That's the only paci that Ford likes but we hate the fact that we can't attach a paci clip to it.

Katie said...

Hey Alie! I sent you an email - hopefully I had the correct email address for you.

Its not actually a paci clip, but it does work pretty well since its weighted. Also, its easier for him to find these in the crib at night than his regular pacifier. He usually goes to sleep laying on top of it and it migrates to his mouth by morning time :)

Julie said...

It looks like so much fun! I am still laughing about W the linebacker. So great to see you last week. :-)