Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weekend Recap

Before I get started on sharing the details of this past weekend, I wanted to share a picture from the weekend prior when I took Wyatt up to Kimmie's to meet baby Garrett.  It was kindof a whirlwind trip as I was wrestling with nap and eating schedules but it was good to at least get the 3 kids together for a picture.  Even if this is how the photo session turned out ....

So, this past Thursday was Ben and I's 4th anniversary!  He was so sweet and gave me a nice card, gorgeous flowers, and a shiny new Keurig!!  Here is a picture of the pretty flowers he gave me.

Ben's parents came down on Friday so Wyatt got a half-day at school!  They spoiled him rotten all afternoon and enjoyed letting him splash in his pool and ride in his little car outside.  When I got home from work, I could tell he was having an absolute blast and he really didn't want to come inside to eat dinner and have bath time. 

That night, Ben grilled some chicken wings for dinner ... he's been testing recipes out before he grills them for his friends at their big fantasy draft this weekend.  I love that Ben likes to grill so much, because it makes for very easy summertime meals and leaves me very little kitchen cleanup.
Griller Extraordinaire!
Saturday afternoon, Ben and his dad went to the PGA tourney.   Rosemary kept Wyatt for me so that I could run my errands without a baby in tow!  It is insane how much more quickly you can do things when there is no baby with you!  I even had a few minutes to go down to the pool and relax.

Saturday night, we went out for our anniversary dinner at Davio's.  OMG. it was sooooo good!  We had a great time and loved the wine glasses that were bigger than our heads!

Friday was also Kimmie's birthday and my parents went up to her house that evening to have a little celebration.  As bedtimes are a constant battle, we just couldn't make it up there on Friday so we took her lunch on Sunday instead.  This was the only picture I got while we were there because its just wild chasing after a baby when you're at someone else's house!   All he-man wanted to do is push this table around ...

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