Thursday, August 18, 2011

Monday at Meme's

My mom usually keeps Wyatt once a week while Ben and I are at work.  These are the GREATEST days - for me and for Wyatt.  (Usually when Meme comes, the laundry fairy also comes so it is fabulous to come home to empty laundry baskets and full closets!)

However, we hadn't had a "Meme day" in a few weeks because she's been up helping my sister out with new baby Garrett.  This past week was his first one in a while and because I had to re-arrange the schedule this week to a different day, she kept him at her house for the day.

She texted me a few pictures of their activities from the day so I just couldn't resist sharing them....

Playing in Lilburn Park 

Riding his tricycle.  He looks sooooo big, doesn't he?

Watching Barney in Meme's car.  He doesn't get to face forward OR watch movies in our cars, so he thought he was hot stuff!
Driving Meme's car

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melody burkett said...

We had such a fun day! He will have to come to Meme's again soon for another adventure!