Monday, June 27, 2011

13 Months

I know I said I was quitting with the monthly pictures/updates.  However, when I actually do sit down and update Wyatt's baby book I'm going to use this blog as my reference so I decided to do another little update.

Friday, Wyatt turned 13 months!!  Every day he is less 'baby' and more 'little boy'.  He's a total maniac and is constantly into everything.  Nothing in our house is sacred, as he is constantly strewing his toys around and pulling stuff out of our cabinets.  He can be quite micheveous, especially when he's tired.  One of his favorite things to do when he's tired is to go and play with the picture frames and plants in our living room.  We of course look at him and tell him 'no-no' and remove him from the situation.  He will look up at you, smile, then go right back to doing what he knows he's not supposed to.  It is hard not to laugh at him ...

The boy also has an APPETITE! I love this about him because I think I would stress myself silly if he didn't eat much.  Although he has an appetite, he has his certain things that he likes and even then if he's not in the mood for something he'll just push it away.  (I'm trying to teach him to say 'no' instead, although I'm pretty certain that word will be overused!) He still tends to throw his food on the floor so I will usually only put 1-2 bites on his tray at a time and I end up feeding him myself probably more than I should.  (But if I don't, then he will not eat as much healthy food and more of his less-healthy ones).  Right now, I think I would have to say his favorite 2 foods are cheese and yogurt.  Just in the last week or so, he's been eating 2 yogurts/day -- after he finishes his dinner each night he will fuss if I try to get him out of his highchair and he hasn't had that yogurt.  I should probably buy stock in Stonyfield ....

His doctor advised us to quit giving him the bottle at 12 months.  She pretty much instructed us to go cold-turkey but I just couldn't do that.  At the time of that appointment, he was still taking 3 bottles each day and although he drinks water from his sippy cup very well he will usually push the milk away when you try to give it to him via sippy cup.  (This is one of those adorable, yet frustrating things that he does -- if you try to give him something that he doesn't want he just shoves your hand away) Anyway, I took a little different approach -- I dropped them one at a time and told myself that I would wait until 13 months to drop his morning bottle.  Since he hit the 13-month mark on Friday, that was his very last bottle.  He handled this MUCH better than I expected and is surprisingly cooperative when I give him his sippy cups.  Whew!  

He is going through a little attachment phase right now and it is really just sad.  For everyone.  His doctor predicted this would start and it did about 2 days after she told us that!  He cries every morning when Ben drops him off at school.  Talk about a sad panda.

Favorite things right now:
- yogurt
- snacks (yogurt melts, cereal, puffs, crackers, vanilla wafers ... he loves them all)
- pushing things -- anything really but the object gets bonus cool points if it makes noises when it rubs against our hardwood floors when he pushes it.
- sliding things/skating -- he'll get 2 frisbees, or books, or really 2 of anything and sortof skate across the room on his hands with those items.  very cute
- banging toys on tables to make LOTS of noise
- slamming cabinet doors repeatedly
- wheels or anything that spins 
- head bonk game
- playing pat-a-cake
- songs: Wyatt-wyatt-bo-byatt; Curious Wyatt: Wyatt the Riot; and BINGO are his faves.
- peek-a-boo
- Ellie
- Sing-a-ma-Jigs (especially his pink one!)

Things he could do without:
- sitting still - getting him dressed and diaper changes are quite the challenge these days
- being told "no" -- he gets kinda sensitive and will cry if you're stern about telling him no
- walking.  he just shows no interest at all.  he will take 2-3 steps to me from a piece of furniture but even then he's got to be in a certain mood. 
- getting his nails cut.  this is easily my LEAST favorite task each week
- being dropped off at school each day

Overall, he remains to be a very happy child and adjusts well to pretty much any situation.  Although he doesn't necessarily talk yet (he has a few words, but I don't really consider them talking) he communicates with us very well.  And he babbles all the time, so I think once he starts talking we probably won't be able to get a word in edgewise. 

Wyatt is such a joy to us, and we enjoy each day we have with him so much.  Each little stage he's gone through has honestly been fun, but it always seems like whatever age he is is the *most* fun.  Not sure if that makes any sense at all to anyone other than me! Ha.


Kimberly said...

Wahoo! Ellie made the favorite list!!! LOVE IT!!! :) Such a happy boy!

Julie and Scott Cooper said...

I cannot believe Wyatt is such a big boy now. I agree with you that every phase seems like "the most fun." It is crazy how fast each stage passes by. Wyatt is a cutie.