Friday, June 3, 2011

Wyatt at 12 Months

This post is quite belated, but I need to do it to document for myself what Wyatt is like at 1 year old. 

  • As of his 12 month appointment, he weighs 22 lbs, 13 ozs.
  • Wearing size 4 diapers but I'm about to graduate him to 5's

  •  He can pull himself up on just about anything -- our legs, cabinets, furniture, etc and he cruises very well.  He will go between things (i.e. couch to table) but is not brave enough to stand or take steps on his own quite yet.
  • He can walk using a push walker as long as one of us is right behind him guiding him along.  I don't think it will be very long before he's brave enough to walk.

  •  He is no longer eating any baby food at all.  Except for yogurt melts, puffs, etc.  His all-time favorite food is grilled cheese or cheese quesadilla.  About the only way I can get him to eat any veggies is when I sneak them into his sandwiches or quesadillas.  He does love kiwi, mango, blueberries, strawberries and to a lesser extent cherries and raspberries.  

  •  His very favorite food is yogurt melts.  
  •  He still likes to go to bed by 7 or 7:30 each night.  By the time we're getting him out of his bath he is rubbing his eyes.
  •  We are down to 2 bottles/day now.  He does not love whole milk in his sippy cups and I believe these last 2 bottles are going to be difficult to drop.  

  • We're still weaning him off formula and onto whole milk.  I think we're down to our very last little bit of formula and his doctor said not to buy more.  She was very laid back about the whole-milk drinking (just not about the fact that we're giving it to him via bottle) and says if he doesn't drink out of a sippy cup to just cheat and get it to him in other ways (yogurt, cheese, smoothies, even ice cream)
  •  He is very busy and always on the go.  We literally have to chase him around his room each night to get him bathed and dressed for bed.  

  •  He still love, love, loves his paci.  I put him down with 4 of them in his crib each night.  Sometimes I'll peek in to check on him before bed and he will have one in his mouth and one in each hand.  He loves to tote 2-3 of them around the house, but I don't let him do this very often.
  • His favorite toys are anything with wheels closely followed by anything he can drop or bang on tables to make noise.  He is all boy.

  • He does not like getting his diaper changed.  Unless he is on his changing table it is virtually impossible.
  • He has just recently started going through a little attachment phase.  He cries when Ben drops him off at school each morning and cries when I leave the house. 

  • He DOES. NOT. LIKE. the vacuum cleaner.  It frightens him to death and he just cries if he hears it.  Therefore it takes 2 of us to vacuum the house -- one to take Wyatt outside and one to vacuum.  
  • He likes being sung to, and his favorite songs are "Wyatt, Wyatt bo-byatt" and "Curious Wyatt" 
  • His favorite book is still Bubbles, Bubbles. 

  • He really doesn't like to be told "no" (who does though?) and sometimes will cry.  Sometimes he does things he knows are a no-no while looking at us just so we'll tell him no.  Then he cries.  
  • He throws his food off his highchair.  I can usually only put 2-3 things on his tray at a time and I better hope those are things he likes or he'll throw them.  
  • He has 8 teeth -- 4 on bottom and 4 on top. 
  • He tricked me the other day - he went to throw something off his tray and i said "no, Wyatt.  Do not throw your food.  You can eat it or put it back on the tray but don't throw it"  So, he pulls his hand up to his mouth, opens it and acts like he's going to eat his strawberry.  As I was praising him and telling him he was a "good boy" he threw it down.  Stinker!


Julie said...

The boys had a great time at Wyatt's birthday party! I can't believe he is already a year old. He is absolutely PRECIOUS!

Sarah said...

Beautiful photos! And what a great update! That's so exciting that he is about to be walking and that he is eating only "grown-up" food! Too funny about the vacuum cleaner (although I'm sure you don't think it's funny when he is freaking out). I will miss the monthly pictures. :)