Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Ben .. and America!

This past weekend, we celebrated Ben's 33rd birthday as well as 4th of July at the lake.  Usually we spend a majority of our summer weekends at the lake but this year that just hasn't been the case for one reason or another.  We hadn't been since Memorial Day, so I think we were all really looking forward to a relaxing long weekend at the lake.

As I've said before, Wyatt is very into wheels and anything that turns.  Actually, his interest in wheels/motion has become less of an obsession and more of just an 'interest' but still he enjoyed practice-driving the Kubota.  Ellie of course had to do it too ....

Ben's actual birthday was Saturday so we of course celebrated by going out to dinner as well as with cake and presents.  The way things worked out, it was best to do cake and gifts along with presents before dinner so that we could get a cute picture of everyone.  I LOVE how this particular picture turned out!

For some reason, we thought we could get a (good) family picture of the 3 of us after dinner.  Well, Wyatt + white shirt + strawberries + red pasta sauce = FAIL.

 We eventually decided that when in Rome, you do as the Romans so we just skinned him up for one more picture ...
After we got Wyatt to sleep that night, we left Meme in charge of him and went to visit Taylor and Erin at her parent's house for a while.  They had a really fun bluegrass band playing and it was a nice change from our usual lake-evenings!

Sunday, we spent the day relaxing in the lake and playing in the baby pool.  On 95 degree days that baby pool on the dock gets used by everyone!  Not just the babies!!

That afternoon, Ben prepared some ribs for our evening meal.  He put a LOT of work and time into them and they turned out fantastic!  Nice work, Ben!!

After dinner, we enjoyed a little fireworks show.  Wyatt was in bed already, but this was Ellie's first time to watch them.  I think she loved it!  In this picture she is doing the sign for "more". 

Monday, we rode in the boat and on the jet skis.  We had a little dock time and got a few more minutes of relaxation in before heading back to reality! 

Oh, and Wyatt tore up Meme's kitchen. 

It was a great 4th!  Next up: St. Simons Island!!!


BWL said...

And by 33 you mean 26!

BWL said...

also, Wyatt waving and smiling in the family pic with strawberry, marinara, and God knows what else stained into that shirt = allsome.

melody burkett said...

By the way - after 3 tries the stains would not come out of that white shirt!